Surviving Alinskyite liberal-progressive Democrat socialism (especially the brand terminally dumped on We The People by the Obama, Reid, Pelosi administration and their fawning media surrogates) without drugs, alcohol, sex, and extortion, can be a formidable task. Mind you, it is possible, provided one has a strong recovery program supported by a vast right wing conspiracy – be it for nothing more than strong moral support and encouragement. The following version of the well-established 12-Step Program is offered free of charge to liberals who are ready and willing to swing right, and to get their lives back in order. To borrow a well-worn favorite leftist slogan, the program could well be described as the 12-Step Program ~ No Liberal Left Behind. Let’s take a stab then (no pun intended):

Declaration ~ As a recovering liberal, I declare that I will diligently follow each of these steps to freedom until such time as I can declare to the world that I am no longer bound in chains as a leftist liberal but have diligently graduated as a proud member of the vast right wing conspiracy..

Step 1: I admit to being powerless over insane, illogical, anti-American thinking spawned by liberalism which has made the United States unmanageable.

Step 2: I have finally come to the belief that a power greater than the combined influence of the DNC and the mainstream media is the solution to restoring sanity and principle to the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

Step 3: I have determined to make a conscious decision to surround myself with like-minded friendly conservatives with strong fiscal responsibilities, who will also guide me in restoring traditional family values, common decency, and heartfelt love back into my life.

Step 4: I will commit to completing a thorough research into the moral fiber and character of all liberal-progressive politicians who by their actions, must be removed from office, or be prevented from even securing elective office in the first place.

Step 5: I will expose for my own education, and that of anyone else interested, the exact nature of crimes and misdemeanors, political, physical, and emotional in nature, that have been committed by liberals against their fellow-citizens for monetary and political gain.

Step 6: I am ready to work diligently towards supporting conservative candidates to run against, remove and replace, all defective and deceitful characters (ie liberals) from political office.

.. I've had enough - I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore!I’ve had enough ~ I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!

Step 7: I have decided to work diligently towards removing all liberals from elective offices in local, state, and federal jurisdictions – no exceptions.

Step 8: Of utmost importance, will be my in-depth investigation into all Constitutional United States patriot groups who have been serially harmed by liberals both inside and outside the federal government, and I commit myself to making amends with each and every one of them by ensuring we win the war on terror, reduce onerous government taxes, turning back Roe vs Wade, supporting DOMA, upholding the First and Second Amendments, and many other conservative causes.

Step 9: As an adjunct to Step 8 I commit to making amends to all such patriot groups wherever, and whenever possible, except when to do so would cause them to register and/or vote for Democrats.

Step 10: I will diligently check my lists of all liberals who admit they were wrong, and when they were wrong, promptly admitted it. I am fully aware that this may be my strongest challenge in overcoming – but I commit to my success in advance.

Step 11: I accept the challenge ahead of me to seek out through talk radio, internet bloggers, grassroots conservative groups, and other avenues, my personal improvement in, and acceptance of, conservative values as understood, and to improving my contact with eligible voters everywhere; with the end result in sight of taking the White House, conservative majorities in both chambers of the United States Congress, and to securing the power to advance the conservative vision for the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

Step 12: Having experienced a spiritual awakening as a direct result of this 12-Step Program I fully intend to carry this message to all legal voters, and to practice what I preach about these conservative principles in all my personal, professional, and public dealings.

To all those poor, downtrodden liberals too weak to adhere to this simple program, it is reluctantly recommended that the suffering liberal either take up smoking or excessive eating, or better yet – spend a few weeks in the Nevada desert with Harry Reid learning the secrets of pomegranate-growing, until the urge to keep thinking like a liberal passes. Remember, even though liberalism is a severe mental disorder, it CAN be cured and defeated. Semper Fi!

Kyle & Bryce HMS Victory ..