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Wayne Richards / 7*19*1936 / Hygiene

1)  Shower – Tuesday to Friday needs Scalp Problem under control. Psoriasis, Seborrheic. Dermatitis, Dandruff. Use BRUSH on sideburns for sure. Shampoo Torsum or Head and Shoulders.


2)  Body – Wayne uses white bar soap on ALL Privates between both legs – see to it that all soap is rinsed off. White bar soap under BOTH rolls of fat and both sides to see that he does this!


3) Clean Up * Spray Wayne’s combs with LYSOL after using brush and soap / Blow dry hair and dress him.


4) Both blue towels used on floor be sure to hang on hand bar.


5) All used towels and wash cloth to be placed in white basket in bathroom and taken to washing machine in kitchen.


6) Used Depends put into white bag and take on to inside garage door.


7) Lysol Spray on commode, shower chair, and sink.