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When the death-knell of Affirmative Action reaches into the highest levels of government endangerment responsibility, it behooves each and every one of us to bash down the hallowed doors and hallways of Congress in an effort to at least put back some semblance of responsibility and common sense into major incidencies of total government malfeasance.

The question has been raised again by a Tucker Carlson interview the other night regarding Air Traffic Controllers. Activists inside the federal government decided that air traffic controllers weren’t diverse enough and in recent years (in the first step of the hiring process) began using a ‘biographical questionnaire’ to screen potential employees. One man is suing the FAA for its updated hiring practice.

Affirmative Action has been the pathway for the DemoMarxist Left to infiltrate our top/tier schools, businesses, professions, and positions of power and leadership, that traditionally required intelligence, skill, achievement, and responsibility.

Gone, are grades in the school system, replaced with ‘smiley faces’ for trying. The Left wants equal misery for all, so the achievement bar gets lowered, as do the performances and abilities in all aspects of our society.

What exactly do we increase with Affirmative Action? Incompetence, ignorance, disaster, and very often death. It isn’t only air traffic controllers who need high qualifications. How about your doctor and surgeon?

It’s doubtful that even half the people running Washington could graduate from grade school without Affirmative Action. Hillary Rob’em and Obama for instance, are perfect examples of Affirmative Action gone wrong.

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Concurrent with the Carlson revelation is this essay in American Thinker from former FAA Traffic Controller, Willie Shields. Here’s a bit of the essence from his opener…


I don’t fly.  When folks ask me why, the short answer is that I know too much: I’m a former FAA air traffic controller.

It’s been recently reported that the FAA is now actively recruiting new trainees to work in the towers and control rooms directing airplanes and that the criteria they now utilize to screen applicants is a curiously absurd “biographical questionnaire.”

Until 2013, the FAA gave hiring preference to controller applicants who earned a degree from one of its Collegiate Training Initiative schools and scored high enough on an eight-hour screening test called the Air Traffic Selection and Training exam, or AT-SAT, which measures cognitive skills. The Obama administration, however, determined that the process excluded too many from minority groups. In May 2013, the FAA’s civil rights administrator issued “barrier analyses” of the agency’s employment procedures, which recommended “revising how the AT-SAT is used in establishing best-qualified lists.”

By the start of last year, the FAA was using a biographical questionnaire (BQ) to initially vet potential hires. The questions – “How many sports did you play in high school?”, “What has been the major cause of your failures?” – seem designed to elicit stories of personal disadvantage or family hardship rather than determine success on the job.

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Always relevant that Leadership matters…

The so-called “progressives” of the world are trying to ruin life as we know it with their level playing field and dropping the performance bar on everything. Best and brightest is out the window in favor of ‘less qualified but more deserving’.

Affirmative Action has effectively damaged everything wherever it has been employed as opposed to the hiring of applicants on straight-up merit and knowledge of the job at hand. None of us should have to wonder if our dentists or doctors are really qualified. In any and all professions, the free market with no thumb on the scales, is the best guarantor of competence.

Otherwise, society as a whole suffers immensely.

‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ – nowhere in our founding documents do I see that government is allowed to favor one group over another. That we have codified this into our laws is haphazardly foolish and incompetent, and needs to be undone ASAP.

Yet another Obama administration wrong to be put right – Thank God for President Donald J. Trump as he continues to MAGA!


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