I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt ~ Donald Trump / Now you can be the man to fire the man who is trying to blame you for firing the man he told you to fire ~ Dinesh D’Souza

Who do you trust, the Mainstream Big Media, or the up and coming Alt Media?

Seems like more and more people every day get closer and closer to cutting the broadcast cable/satellite connection from their lives. There are no legitimate ‘news organizations’ anymore.  The transition of news into entertainment has been slowly evolving for decades, but never in the history of the media has it become more blatant than when Trump took office six months ago and exposed the conversion of the so-called ‘Free Press’ in the United States into pseudo-propaganda units.

At best embarrassing. At worst anti-Constitutional.

Let me give you a reality-based 28 minutes of ‘real news / really happening’ (or already ‘happened’) and then we’ll continue…

The rise of ‘fake news’ has always been tied in to money – big money. Modern media is based on an advertising model that relies on getting people to click to view content. Fake news can be more sensational than reality news and lead to a high number of clicks, meaning that stories that get sufficient views can be very profitable.

More and more people are discovering Alt Media every day, including yours truly, who jumped on the bandwagon a couple or three years ago or more. Those of you who follow me on a regular basis on dennisghurst.com are very familiar with my modus operandi, and with the quality of Alt Media that I generally lead you in to. Graphic examples are shown here, with the likes of FrontPageMagazine, Drudge Report, American Thinker, Daily Caller, and many others not even listed there.

Conservative Media attacked by Social Media .. Anti-Constitutional?

Notice by the way, that they have been censored by (gulp!) Facebook. Why?

Well the fact is that Social Media has also made it less likely for people to reject fake news because they can create and insert individual “bubbles” of news designed to show users content that algorithms determine that they will most want to see. The consequence has been the continued proliferation of fake news stories by users who promote them because they reinforce their personal worldviews (and their pocketbook).

Like most people I can’t stomach much more regular broadcast types other than say, a Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Hannity and maybe a couple of others.

And yet ladies and gentlemen, we can STILL get to the truth through Alt Media. This second ‘Intellectual Froglegs’ gets to the very source of yet another ‘real news / really happening’ (or already ‘happened’) series of events that you will never ever see from Big Media and its nannies …

The fact of the matter is that ALL of the network and cable news organizations are consolidated by mainstream Big Media in order to control the message and indoctrinate the populace with their globalist agenda. As an example, just a couple of days ago CBS and Britain’s BBC announced their joint collaboration on shared news stories, yet another indication that we can expect even more fake news from these specious outlets.

As for the ‘visual media’ available on YouTube, Intellectual Froglegs with Joe Dan Gorman is a winner, but that is just my own opinion. Alt Media is the answer – Otherwise how on earth would we ever get to know who the real enemies to America are?

Consider that we have more proof of evidence on the Obama/Clinton/Podesta sell-out to Russia than anything we have on President Trump and family. And that’s a fact, all courtesy of Alt Media. But you’ll never get that truth from the Big Media Cabal.

Scout YouTube for your own favorites … believe me, there are many out there – You just need to try them!

Alt Media rules!

This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility ~ Barack Hussein Obama / I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir ~ Russian Prime Minister Medvedev


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