“Once a great people roamed through the forests and open plains of North America. Those great people were the various tribes of what appropriately can be called the American Indians, the indigenous peoples of what was mistakenly thought to be the Indies. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, those peoples were described as noble savages. They were thought noble because of their hardihood and fierce independence. They were a people infused with an animist confidence in the brute forces of nature. They were not, however, buttressed by confidence in reason and faith in the Providence that ordained reason as the basis for the governance of mankind. As a result, they receded in the face of the arrival of a people from Europe who possessed a combined faith in reason and God.” ~ Opening paragraph from William B. Allen: ‘America the Last Best Hope of Earth’


“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ~ George Orwell (1903-1950)

The short Orwell quote was originally intended as a preface to Animal Farm, but never made it. But suffice to say that if these United States of America represent the last best hope, that last best hope is dying. Democracy being the enemy of liberty, ‘democracy’ is indeed, killing it.

This now-fragmenting, declining nation on fire was not founded as a democracy or a republican democracy; it was founded as a constitutional republic. Yes, there is a difference.

President Trump and his recent experience with the leftist impeachment sham represents the state of the Union, and a sad state it is. As We the (63 million) People are constantly reminded, only a nation that honors the duty to obey God before man can preserve self-government. The last best hope of earth is the nation that realizes that possibility so powerfully that all humankind will benefit from its example.

We’re at a point once again, where it’s necessary to take extraordinary measures to preserve the Union. Secessionists are everywhere. They run our schools. Disavow our children the right of prayer and Ten Commandments. In our state and local governments they ignore federal laws and set themselves up as ‘sanctuary cities.’ They’re all in for killing unwanted babies. The most divisive come from among our ‘elites,’ the ‘people we’ve been waiting for.’ Fully half the nation and more are anti-God and secede Him at will.

Let us not forget that the Framers of the Constitution created a new nation as a republic – yes, a constitutionally oriented republic but a republic, nevertheless – a republic to promote liberty not tyranny. The framers didn’t create this nation as a democracy, especially a democracy to promote tyranny in the name of liberty. In fact to them, the word ‘democracy’ represented an obscenity.

The South was actually much more observant of the Constitution than the North, and the North had seriously considered seceding 4 times itself, especially during the Louisiana Purchase and the War of 1812, led by Massachusetts. Lincoln rose up from the ashes of the Whig Party and was simply the stooge of railroads, overseas shippers, riverboat companies, industrialists, and bankers. It was a Northern sectional domination of the remaining voluntarily committed states through taxation and policy that climaxed into the Civil War.

Donald Trump is the polar opposite of Abraham Lincoln. Whereas Lincoln had no respect or intent of adherence to the Constitution, Trump has remained remarkably steady in observance. While revisionist history tells us that Lincoln’s mission was to preserve the Union, it’s casually forgotten that the North was in economic depression when the war started, and a war was the perfect vehicle to jump start the Northern economy, of which the power and money demon got its way.

If Lincoln were alive today, he would be owned by the globalists. Trump, as is very evident, not so much.

Visit the earlier idea back in history for instance, that Washington had proposed at the Philadelphia Convention, about congressional reps being limited to 50K citizens per representative. It is still an actively proposed amendment ratified by 11 states, Connecticut being the state that held it up from being our First Amendment.

Later in the early 1900’s Congress voted themselves lifetime security by limiting the number of congressional members to 435, which was a big blow to liberty. Maybe yours truly is crazy, but I’m thinking this amendment ratified would be the pathway to avert conflict to which everybody could still bitch and moan to their heart’s content, yet liberty would be the ultimate winner.

The problem is of course, the Left today wants complete and total control. The red counties on a map will not be allowed to leave by the blue counties, which isn’t so much about not going our own way (ie ‘living and let live’) but more about authoritarian, power-mad Leftists dictating to us. Which only gets resolved by all-out civil war.

Perhaps it’s time to redraw political boundaries, the results of which the looney Blue states would soon find themselves totally bankrupted by their own absolutely insane policies, having no one else at all to blame but themselves.

Of which God is entirely aware.

“The political party that Lincoln led has always borne the special burden of trying to live up to his example. It has sometimes wavered in the face of the pressure of public opinion or the temptation of political opportunity. It is a safeguard against such distractions to recall that the fundamental task is not so much to imitate the actions of the party’s founder, as to imitate his acceptance of the weighty responsibility to preserve the last best hope of earth. Unless we stand up, America cannot stand out.” ~ Ending paragraph from William B. Allen: ‘America the Last Best Hope of Earth’


William B. Allen: America the Last Best Hope of Earth


Face of Jesus by Richard Hook

Soli Deo Gloria!