Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles. ~ Patrick Henry

Cecile Richards, baby body-parts sales executive...

Cecile Richards, baby body-parts sales executive…

  • In a massacre that is almost unspeakable, more than 60 million American babies have been slaughtered in this country since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.
  • Approximately 47 percent of the women that get an abortion each year in the United States have also had a previous abortion.
  • The number of American babies killed by abortion each year is roughly equal to the number of U.S. military deaths that have occurred in all of the wars that the United States has ever been involved in combined.
  • About one-third of all American women will have had an abortion by the age of 45.
  • Approximately 3,000 Americans lost their lives as a result of the destruction of the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.  Every single day, more than 3,000 American babies are killed by abortion when you include all forms of abortion.
  • The United States has the highest abortion rate in the western world.
  • Most women that get abortions in the United States claim to be Christian.  Protestant women get 42 percent of all abortions and Catholic women get 27 percent of all abortions.
  • According to Pastor Clenard Childress, approximately 52 percent of all African-American pregnancies now end in abortion.
  • About 18 percent of all abortions in the United States each year are performed on teenagers.
  • One very shocking study found that 86 percent of all abortions are done for the sake of convenience.
  • A Department of Homeland Security report that was released in January 2012 says that if you are “anti-abortion”, you are a potential terrorist.
  • Some abortion clinics (and now, more recently, Planned Parenthood) have been caught selling aborted baby parts to medical researchers.
  • Planned Parenthood performs more than 300,000 abortions every single year.
  • Planned Parenthood specifically targets the poor.  A staggering 72 percent of Planned Parenthood’s “customers” have incomes that are either equal to or beneath 150 percent of the federal poverty level.  And most of those “customers” live in minority neighborhoods.
  • There are 30 Planned Parenthood executives that make more than $200,000 a year.  A few of them actually make more than $300,000 a year
  • Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government every single year.

Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger once said the following … “The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” ~ But now she is praised in the halls of the U.S. Congress as they continue to wilfully fund this organization for conducting 300,000 baby killings per year in addition to selling baby body parts for “research.” Think about that as you contemplate just where the President and Congress of the United States lays its allegiance – To the Devil or to God?


America will pay for turning away from the God of the founders; for embracing the wickedness enticing people at every turn; for rewarding corruption and punishing honest efforts; for pursuing hateful oppression and death-dealing machinations while rejecting the life-affirming principles laid out for Truth, Justice, and Liberty in the love of Christ. The United States fulfills the Great Commission more than any other nation on the planet, sending more missionaries into the world than all other countries combined. There is no doubt that these people are called by God, but what about the mission field of America – where are the missionaries here, right on our own soil? Of all the countries on the globe, I strongly believe that today’s America needs God the most. Our nation has been turning from God for a long, long time and the results are all around us. There’s a lot of blame to go around, but first and foremost, I lay it upon the true church; after all, the Bible declares that judgment begins at the house of God. You can say you reject church and religion etc., etc., but when you bow before Jesus Christ the King of kings and Lord of all the earth (and you will bow) your rejection of Him will be your own chosen condemnation.


The doctrines of Jesus are simple, and tend all to the happiness of man. The practice of morality being necessary for the well being of society, He [God] has taken care to impress its precepts so indelibly on our hearts that they shall not be effaced by the subtleties of our brain. We all agree in the obligation of the moral principles of Jesus and nowhere will they be found delivered in greater purity than in His discourses. The Writings of Thomas Jefferson

The Eagle has landed...

  • Approximately one-third of the entire population of the United States (110 million people) currently has a sexually transmitted disease according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Every single year, there are 20 million new STD cases in America.
  • America has the highest STD infection rate in the entire industrialized world.
  • Americans in the 15 to 24-year-old age group account for about 50 percent of all new STD cases each year.
  • It costs our nation approximately 16 billion dollars a year to treat our sexually transmitted diseases.
  • According to one survey, 24 percent of all U.S. teens that have STDs say that they still have unprotected sex.
  • In Chicago, public school kindergarten teachers are now required to set aside 30 minutes a month for sex education.
  • The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the entire industrialized world.
  • According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately two-thirds of all Americans in the 15 to 24-year-old age bracket have engaged in oral sex.
  • At this point, one out of every four teen girls in the U.S. has at least one sexually transmitted disease.
  • According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, there are 747,408 registered sex offenders in the United States.
  • There are 106,216 registered sex offenders in the state of California alone.
  • 18 percent of all women in the United States say that they have been raped at some point in their lives.
  • More than 50 percent of all rapes take place within one mile of the home.
  • Teens that are in the 16 to 19-year-old age bracket are 3 1/2 times more likely than the general population “to be the victims of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault.”
  • 60 percent of male sex abuse victims and 80 percent of female sex abuse victims “are abused by someone known to the child or the child’s family.”
  • It is estimated that one out of every four girls will be sexually abused before they become adults.
  • An astounding 30 percent of all Internet traffic now goes to adult websites.
  • 70 percent of all men in the 18 to 24-year-old age bracket visit at least one adult website each month.
  • The average high school boy spends two hours on adult websites every single week.
  • Law enforcement officials estimate that about 600,000 Americans and about 65,000 Canadians are trading dirty child pictures online.
  • It has been estimated that 89 percent of all pornography is produced in the United States.
  • One survey discovered that 25 percent of all employees that have Internet access in America visit sex websites while they are at work.
  • The marriage rate in the United States has fallen to an all-time low.  Right now it is sitting at a yearly rate of 6.8 marriages per 1000 people.
  • In the United States today, more than half of all couples “move in together” before they get married.
  • Not surprisingly, an all-time low 44.2 percent of all Americans in the 25 to 34-year-old age bracket are married at this point.
  • America has the highest divorce rate in the world by a good margin.
  • America has the highest percentage of one person households on the entire planet.
  • 100 years ago, 4.52 people were living in the average U.S. household, but now the average U.S. household only consists of 2.59 people.
  • According to the Pew Research Center, only 51 percent of all American adults are currently married.  Back in 1960, 72 percent of all adults in the United States were married.
  • For women under the age of 30 in the United States, more than half of all babies are being born out of wedlock.
  • At this point, approximately one out of every three children in the United States lives in a home without a father. In 1970, the average woman had her first child when she was 21.4 years old.  Now the average woman has her first child when she is 25.6 years old.


This nation, unique in the annals of Civilization, was bequeathed and willed to us by upright Godly men and women of character and principle, who recognized that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” was a God-given right to every person on the planet. Unfortunately, fallen mankind is awash with the very antithesis of that statement from the Declaration of Independence. A moral collapse is eating away at the foundations of our society like cancer.  If it continues to go unchecked, it will inevitably destroy America.  Unfortunately, fixing moral decay is far more difficult than switching out political parties, because it is in the hearts of hundreds of millions of individual Americans.  And most people don’t want to hear anything about a “moral collapse”, because most people like to think that the United States is setting a “good example” for the rest of the planet.  But as you have already seen, that is not the case at all. And if we are honest with ourselves, we see the evidence of this moral collapse all around us every day. As a society, we are decaying from the inside out, and we need to start facing the stark reality of the truth if ever we are going to get this ship of state turned around.


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Source material h/t from Michael Snyder and his website The Truth where he has DVDs available as teaching aids…

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