As the erudite Walter Erickson explains it: The political morals of the Left are visible in the violence committed by their street soldiers against everything Trump. Cars belonging to Trump supporters are vandalized; Trump supporters are attacked and assaulted by paid thugs at Trump rallies; Trump lawn signs are stolen and destroyed and the homeowner assaulted if he protests. Meanwhile, the Leftist terrorist group Black Lives Matter leave the White House after a warm embrace from Obama to continue their campaign to kill white cops. Leftist commentators in the Leftist media exhort their listeners to employ violence against all things Trump. Do we continue to keep alive that destructive culture with the election of Hillary Clinton or do we say goodbye to all that and elect a new vision for America in the person of Donald Trump. The latter will not be easy, for the 50s radicals and their successors have burrowed deep and are not about to give up power without a fierce and bloody fight.[end]

Or, as H.L.Mencken put it: Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule — and both commonly succeed, and are right.

American political morals have never been beanbag, but not since pre-Civil War days has physical assault on political opponents by Democrats been so violent. But then, it is to be expected, since the Left is currently in power, and as We The People know too darned well, the Left does not easily give up power without violence.

Remember that the Obama administration attempted to destroy the Little Sisters of the Poor because they wouldn’t surrender their religious faith to the Imperial class that demanded obedience. In addition to which, the Congressional Republicans have done diddleysquat in the past eight years to stop Obama from ruining the country and running it off a cliff, and they have not lifted a single finger to oppose him and his political morals because they are all on the same team.

MLK on challenge...

In order for there to be a revolution to overcome these political morals, there must first be a movement, and the movement must then find a leader or create one. The anti-Obama, anti-Liberal-Democrat Tea Party movement was crushed by the resident Republican Washington elite establishment, forcing the Tea Party and its supporters to look elsewhere for leaders, and they unwittingly found that leader in Donald Trump.

It is enough that Trump is an unknown quantity, and therefore a possible danger to their political morals, consolidation of power, and feeding constantly at the public trough. The Obama administration has politicized and criminalized the Justice Department and the FBI, and neither will ever be trusted again, albeit, We The People await with bated breath, the results of Comey’s unexpected announcement Friday on re-opening the Clinton email investigation.

The descendants of the people who built this country are faced with having their political morals taken away from them by the joint Democrat and Republican elite establishment, and given away to people who had no part in its history or construction. This is what is driving the populist movement, and this movement will not die if Trump is not elected. The elitist bubble has been popped in the way the Brits brought about their own Brexit result away from the globalist European Union.

One half of the population is unaware or uncomprehending of the danger of unlimited third world immigration, and if the media were honest in reporting the facts, We The People would already have taken it upon ourselves to be marching on Washington with pitchforks to enforce our own political morals into the governance of the United States. But alas, the media and Washington are mired in the same sewage in to which the swine once washed, inevitably returns.

Will Trump be of political strength enough to divert the Potomac River to cleanse this Augean stable? We shall see, but ultimately it all comes down to pitchforks in the hands of irate, vengeful and patriotic citizens embracing and protecting their own political morals. All they need is a leader of principle and purpose.

So, which kind of government shall it be? Government of the people, by the people and for the people, or government of, by, and for, the political establishment and victim classes?

The Obama administration has already politicized and criminalized the Justice Department, the FBI, the IRS, etal, and a Clinton administration will further the leftward pull of tyranny to continue and enhance the criminality of the Clinton Foundation and Global Initiative. And you know darned well what the Clinton political morals look like – corruption at its basest level.


Which then, shall it be, a government of laws or a government of whims? An independent, by-partisan, non-political Department of Justice and incorruptible FBI, or a revived KGB? Government agencies that are run on Constitutional principles or government agencies that punish critics of the State?

A Supreme Court that adjudicates by the Constitution and the law, or a Supreme Court that believes the Constitution is a racist document written by dead white slave owners, in fierce denial of the fact that the Democrat Party, from birth to the current day, has been, and is, the Party of slave owners – Including the political plantation slave owners the likes of Jackson, Sharpton, Wright, NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk?

So which shall it be? Democracy or tyranny? The approaching election will decide which type of government we will leave to our children and grandchildren; a Constitutional Republic or a Leftist authoritarian kleptocracy. The future of our freedom of expression and our religious political morals is hanging in the balance on the scales of justice, resting fairly and squarely in the hands of We The People.

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. ~ John Kenneth Galbraith


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Soli Deo Gloria!

Soli Deo Gloria!