Culled from my favorite commenters in the thread attached to the latest Daniel Greenfield masterpiece, ‘Liberal Leftism’ is a religion which has always been antithetical to traditional American values and hostile to our Constitutional Republic. It should have been eradicated decades ago as an irreconcilable enemy to our culture, values, and nation. In its tenets, Leftism is identical to Islam, where both seek international totalitarian control and the eradication of competing religions or ideologies. Both operate according to the repugnant Alinskyite anti-ethic that ‘the end always justifies the means’ (Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his tome ‘Rules for Radicals’ to Lucifer – to the uninformed, the original name of Satan).

Note that this is completely antithetical and diametrically opposed to Judeo-Christian moral values, and is nothing more than a license to commit evil.[truebearing]

We are currently engaged in a religious war, and sooner or later, the entire world will be in one. Liberal Leftism is as much a religion as is Islam, which one might as well rename ‘LeftIslamism’, since the tenets of both seem to co-mingle so conveniently together. Both mantras combined represent the substitute religion attempting to fill the spiritual void of the ungodly, which we might describe as religions of man, bereft of Deity, God, or Jesus Christ.

Consider for instance, this opener from Daniel Greenfield in his excellent piece in FrontPageMag titled “The Church of the Left has written its values into our laws”.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”

The First Amendment assumes that the proper sphere of government is policies, not values. And so it protects the right of political participation and prohibits a state church that would define values.

The government had the right to decide to go to war with France. It did not have a right to decide what you should believe. Politics extended into the realm of policies, not beliefs.

But as religious belief declined, politics replaced it as the repository of moral and ethical values. This transformation began on the left. The left was the least religious in the traditional sense. And the most likely to build up an ideology of secular values with which to displace traditional religious values.

The last century witnessed an extensive effort to scrub religious values out of government. But this effort was matched by an equally comprehensive project to replace them with the left’s own values. Unlike the wall between church and state, there were few legal safeguards against writing values into legislation if they were irreligious ones. The church was deemed to be the true threat. Not the state.

But the end result looks very much like an establishment of religion. Even in the church sense.

The values written into the legislation reflect those of certain churches, but not others. When nuns are forced to pay for birth control and Christian photographers with traditional beliefs are compelled to participate in gay weddings, the government is picking religious establishment “winners and losers”.

The winners are roughly on the religious left and the losers on the religious right.


Bravo Mr. Greenfield, nailed another one right from the get-go! On the far extreme wing of the Left, we have a ‘Liberal Diversity Religion’, a state religion that replaces Christianity with the Diversity Mantra, which George Orwell in his 1948 masterpiece “1984” labeled as ‘The Ministry of Truth’, based upon the real-life UK Government ‘Ministry of Information’ of the 1940s.

An example would be that the murderous Prophet Muhammad cannot be criticized because generally, Muslims have minority status. But all whites throughout recorded history right up to the modern day, have been, and still are, ‘evil supremacists’ who can’t be victimized but only punished, and the memory of them erased because it is too disturbing for liberal ‘LeftIslamists’ to co-mingle with them.[Ivan Karloff]

Mmmmm … never ever imagined myself as an ‘evil white supremacist’ – how about the rest of you?

The core religious idea is that all minorities or any non-white group claiming discrimination is good and supported by government, media, and corporate propaganda, and that history and freedom of religion and speech must be fully altered to reflect this new religious belief system. There is an allowance for women to claim victim status so long as they don’t support anyone not adhering to the Diversity Mantra.[Ivan Karloff]

Ann Coulter posits in her book from 2006, ‘Godless’, that Liberalism is a religion and its two highest sacraments are abortion and homosexuality. Interestingly it was some thirty years ago that Pope John Paul II called this a “culture of death”, a statement to which millions of us would wholeheartedly agree.[Thomas Jesse]

The liberal Left has abandoned its promises of a worker’s utopia for a promise of a minority utopia. Same lie, different targets, but if the left succeeds, these minorities will soon find out they have been duped. The outcome will be the same.

Liberal Leftists are so formulaic. The educated leftist always preys on the group(s) with the least education. They are riling up the minorities with tales of oppression by “the whites,” but it is the leftist whites who are in the oppression racket. Blacks were doing much better, as a whole, before the white leftists came to their “aid”.[truebearing]

As I mentioned on my website post the other day: “The DemoMarxists have been trying to reinstate the slavery plantation for 150 years, ever since Republicans put an end to it, but they got a reprieve during the Lyndon B. Johnson era when he placed in their lap “The Great Society” – A plantation funded by welfare whose crop is votes. His famously guttural quote from the time endures to this day, albeit still way short of the promised 200 years.”[end]

If We the People are not careful, the end result is going to be an inevitable totalitarian state with no freedom of speech or religion, so everyone who can has a moral duty to oppose this.

As Daniel expresses in his closer: “America is in the midst of an ugly conflict because our political system was hijacked by the Church of the Left. The legislative and judicial hijacking of our system has turned our politics into a culture war. To end the conflict we must return to a true understanding of the First Amendment. It is not the role of government to tell us what to think or what to believe. And any government that embarks on such a totalitarian enterprise will tear apart our society and destroy our way of life.”

“As the left has been doing.”

“Restoring the Constitution and ending the violence will require unwriting the left’s values from our laws.”[end]

Thanks to Daniel Greenfield for brilliantly clarifying the essential truth that Leftism is a religion. To read his piece to completion, simply click on Logo…


H/T to commenters truebearing; Ivan Karloff; Thomas Jesse…


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