Presidential mastery of 3-dimensional chess…

How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings. ~ Psalm 36:7

There’s an old family meme still clattering around this old brain that comes straight out of the extended family Hurst, right after Winston Churchill ~himself victoriously celebrating the WWII victory over the forces of evil~ had the very same evil kick him out of Parliament as Prime Minister just as soon as ‘they’ could. The meme morphed into ‘who needs Winnie when he got rid of Hitler?’

Which just goes to show that human nature can never be fully understood. Especially in this era of coronavirus.

Mind you, the ‘BeeB’ (aka BBC) never has changed – matter of fact they’re worse today than they’ve ever been! Yet I digress.

The equivalent of the treacherous BeeB here in the US of A is of course, the scurrilous and spurious enemy within monikered as (gulp!) ‘democrat(ic)’, especially those alphabet-soup deepstate big fake news media-ites wallowing within the sewer swamp of Washington D.C. and the over-populated Avenues of New York.

At least 90% of the lamestream media are democrat(ic)s. Most contribute to democrat candidates. Their political philosophy is far, far Left. They hate Donald Trump (modern-day Winston Churchill) with a passion for a variety of reasons, but they would hate any president with an ‘R’ as an identifier.

Willingly within this outbreak of coronavirus, would they destroy President Trump politically and personally to their own ends – even to putting the USA into a severe recession or depression. Remember, none of the economic damage is seriously affecting them – yet, that is – but it brings some of their desires closer to fruition.

President Trump invited to try out ‘Winnie’s’ favorite chair .. The two fighters of freedom would’ve got on famously… and no coronavirus

Jack Hellner, American Thinker:

Panic rarely results in effective decision-making. A Stanford Professor of Medicine and epidemiology says that the government is overreacting, the statistics are wrong and he believes that the economy should be open or else we are intentionally crushing the economy without good cause. So, why is he virtually ignored by almost all media outlets while they bring on people like Bill Gates, a non-scientist, endlessly? Why don’t governors in Illinois and Michigan use scientists like him as their source along with fear mongers, especially when previous predictions of doom and gloom are so wrong? Could it be that this Stanford professor just doesn’t fit in with the agenda?

“A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data.” More specifically, Dr. Ioannidis contends that there isn’t enough data about COVID-19 to implement drastic governmental and societal responses that crush the global economy and might put it into a depression. His argument is that there are assumptions being made about COVID-19 that are incorrect or shouldn’t be made at this point.[end]

As some of us well remember from days long ago, Sgt. Joe Friday of “Dragnet” used to say, “the facts Ma’am, just the facts”. One would think that should be the mantra of the lamestreams. But they no longer deal in facts. Watch a Trump press conference and see the glee with which they attack him like a rabid pack of bloodthirsty hyenas. Their task is not to find facts or truth, but to push their leftist agendas. It becomes coronavirus 24/7.

I guess the profession attracts leftists like politics attracts egomaniacs, sociopaths, and power mongers. Police say that 90% of crime is committed by 10% of the people. It is reverse for the Media in that 90% seem to be committing the crimes. As in:

When CDC and WHO said that the mortality rate was estimated to be over 3% it was repeated widely to scare the public. When Dr. Fauci said that the rate was ten times the normal flu, it was widely reported while the actual rate of 1% was downplayed. Now that it is clear that the mortality rate is very close to the regular flu (though the contagiousness is far greater), the media and governors who are keeping the economy closed essentially bury it. A rate close to the flu certainly doesn’t fit the fear agenda and would show that the shutdowns were clearly an overreaction.

Why don’t we see reports about how well states [did] that didn’t shut down completely vs states that did?  The answer is that it doesn’t fit the agenda.[end]

How could the original predictions have been well over 90% off if they were based on scientific data? The question implies the modelers were trying to predict actual results. If the goal was to predict how much was required to produce panic, public surrender and compliance, then it was pretty accurate. If you wrote a description of our rights and restrictions now without any mention of the cause, one would guess we were on the losing side of a war fought without a shot being fired.

We the (63 million) People are being ‘had’ folks.

The media has merely become a mouthpiece of the DNC, using ‘Wuhan’ to quash Trump’s economy for election purposes. Spying on the Trump campaign, the Kavanaugh debacle; the fake Russia collusion; the Mueller obstruction fiasco; the fake Ukrainian interference; the non-impeachment impeachment farce; and now this charade of COVID-19, were all Democrat(ic) strategies to derail our elected President, duly placed in office by We the (63 million) People.

The saddest part of all this is if someone had told yours truly that the DNC and Democrat(ic)s sacrificed all those elderly in the Washington nursing home to start the panic, I would give it serious thought.

The ‘Wuhan flu gig’ was simply another crisis ruse used by Democrat(ic)s to force Trump into making a major mistake; he didn’t, but his deft handling of the Wuhan nonsense shows unerringly just why he deserves to be rightly reelected to a second term.

Curiously, they used basically the same UK study predicting millions of deaths, the same country where the Russian hoax got its start, and the very same which basically told Winston Churchill all those eons ago to ‘go fly a kite’. And all that after he had resoundingly defeated the Axis of Evil.

Since those long-ago far off times, yours truly has had quite the checkered journey through life, and not without its general ups and downs. ‘Winnie’ became the first of my many heroes of mind and soul, followed by George Orwell who had the audacity to come visit our little town long before yours truly was born, as he wrote first-hand his ‘Road to Wigan Pier‘ some 11 years before his masterpiece of 1984. 

Availing one’s self of the opportunities to be taught and learn from the philosophical giants of life is an absolute must to those who would succeed. And for all his faults like we all have, President Donald J. Trump is exactly the man of the hour in the coronavirus arena, the consequence of which God has chosen him for this time and place.

O continue thy lovingkindness unto them that know thee; and thy righteousness to the upright in heart. ~ Psalm 36:10


Jack Hellner, American Thinker: Media Agenda has done Enormous Damage

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