Consider if you will, where our society is today in the culture wars (or maybe I should pluralize it into ‘societies’, since it isn’t simply an American problem anymore). Kids growing up on a culture diet that includes movies where murder is common place; sexual abuse, rape, and foul mouth language with every other word spouting profanity; rap music that glorifies the killing of police officers pummeled over loudspeakers at high school sporting events; triple-X rated pornography having made it even into the pages of ‘family newspapers’; and the list of atrocities goes on and on and on.

Far left teachers espouse the ‘evil’ and ‘shame’ of being white, while young students are taught from an early age that they have access to abortion and ‘morning after’ drugs without parental consent.

Entertainment, professional sports, education and the media industry are filled with rhetoric from hateful people having no boundaries of decency or morality, seeking to destroy the character of anyone they disagree with, filled with such rage and hatred that even children lash out with violence and murder.

Every person of influence consumed with hateful daily diatribes against opponents, needs to stop, look in the mirror, and realize they are stepping over the line. Most young people that listen to the daily onslaughts don’t have the maturity to process what’s real, what’s rational, and what’s sensationalized garbage. Throw in drugs, peer pressure, family issues and broken relationships and we have major problems with some of these troubled kids.

All of us need to recognize that our decaying culture, lack of morality, disrespect for people of faith, inflammatory rhetoric and no regard for human life, all carry blame for where we find ourselves today.

Far too many of our youth are being exposed and shaped from birth on what is influencing a new generation of haters. Born after 2001, they are the Gen Z’s aka Boomlets. None of them have ever known a world without computers, cell phones, video game entertainment and social media. They use technology to spread and infect others with hateful rhetoric learned in the culture that has been for the most part, shaped by the liberal progressive Left.

The outcome has become as lethal as a deadly pandemic, since hate at the level we’re witnessing today breeds mental illness leading to far too many of our youth being treated for psychotic behavior. When the outcome results in gun violence to the degree we have witnessed over the past twenty years, the media complicitly covers up the true cause in an effort to facilitate gun control, while ignoring to address and support the mental illness that is plaguing our youth. Gen Z is beginning to stand for Zombies.

The problem becomes one of not more gun control. The problem is criminally-insane people control.

The worst terrorist attack in the history of the world (9/11) was minus guns and committed by 19 Muslim murderers yet liberal-progressive DemoMarxists believe firmly in gun control and in continuing to bring in masses of Muslims every year. Also, every study that you can imagine, illustrates that gun control laws generally cause an increase in crime. Those are two or more fast facts not many liberals or big media will likely discuss.

The ten most dangerous cities in America all happen to be Democrat controlled with stringent gun laws, as found in: Detroit; St. Louis; Oakland; Memphis; Birmingham and Atlanta; Baltimore; Stockton; Cleveland and Buffalo, with Chicago coming through as the murder capital of the United States, bar none.

In conclusion, let me tell you that I forever wrestle with this topic.

Forget the gun rights issue, it is our civil rights that are being threatened. The 2nd amendment is a civil right that the anti’s will gleefully trample whilst telling you about a non-enumerated, court-imposed right to abortion. But yet I’m required to justify my civil rights every time some idiot or deranged moron does something evil.

You want evil? Forget the guns and the government’s insistence on you turning them in. Needless to say, with 60 million+ babies killed (and still counting) in the sanctity of their mothers’ wombs since 1973 under the aegis of the black-robed executioners known as the Supreme Court of the United States, there’s a whole lot of ‘splaining having to go on to keep God’s mantle of protection over the United States.

Personally I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he just didn’t up and sweep us all off this planet in his righteous indignation, or simply opened up the pits of Hell and closed the lid right on top of us. Thankfully however, he’s a God of mercy, forever willing for us to do things his way, and not ours, even when he witnesses our daily screw-ups and disobedience. Which in no way takes away our responsibilities or excuses.

But the fact of the matter remains about this culture war, and our place in it – When those eternal questions are inexorably asked of us as we stand penitently before the throne of grace, what will be our answers?

What will yours be?


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14


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