The five marks of the Roman decaying culture: Concern with displaying affluence instead of building wealth; Obsession with sex and perversions of sex; Art becomes freakish and sensationalistic instead of creative and original; Widening disparity between very rich and very poor; Increased demand to live off the state. ~ Edward Gibbon, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Nassim Taleb convincingly argues in Fooled By Randomness that virtually all entertainment celebrities in the decline and fall of moral culture are mathematically, necessarily, mediocrities by virtue of the selection process.

What he missed, as I recall, is that the depraved moguls who have an iron grip on the moral culture of Hollywood and the entertainment industry have sabotaged the arts to degrade our culture and leave us tone deaf to moral judgments. In so doing they have had to accept even lower standards of ability. (See numbers 17-31 of The Naked Communist:45 Goals to Taking over America)

For example, any college choir or glee club in America will have several young women who are much better singers, better dancers with better figures, and far more attractive than say, a Madonna, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and other soft-porn queens, while a quintessentially demonic and sociosexually dysfunctional Satanist like Amy Schumer is shoved in our faces through the lack of moral culture and sheer hatred for American women.

These fabricated, untalented celebrities have no existence other than what the sewer-feeding MSM and Hollywood flakes provide for them, from which We The People should turn away as if a sulphurous worm hole from hell itself had opened up before our very eyes. The decline and fall of moral culture indeed.

Madonna as Satanic Baphomet Super Bowl 2014...

Madonna as Satanic Baphomet Super Bowl 2014…

Just for the record, this past Tuesday evening an ageing Madonna inserted herself into the foul and turpitudinous lives of the Clintons by offering in public, to perform one of those acts of sexual pleasure (formerly enjoyed in the confines of the Oral Office by Hillary’s cheating cigar-toting “husband” from a young intern in a blue dress) on anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. Talk about women’s rights and the fall of moral culture!

As Dr. Eowyn describes it in Fellowship of the Minds: 

You can’t sink any lower than this: a 58-year-old woman publicly offers to give a b**w j*b to anyone who’ll vote for Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday night, Oct. 18, 2016, while introducing Amy Schumer, so-called comedienne and niece of senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) at a performance in New York’s Madison Square Garden, the singer who calls herself Madonna told the crowd:

If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a b**w j*b. OK? I’m really good. I’m not a douche, and I’m not a tool. I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact, and I do swallow.” [end]

Are we in Hell or are we simply hearing the wailing cries and echoes of the tormented?

First and Second Amendment rights notwithstanding, just where does one draw the line between probity and freedom of expression? Madonna Ciccone was raised in a Catholic home, so where did all that disappear to? We don’t know the specifics of course, but a number of Protestant preachers likely would say she “took offense” at something. In other words, she resented what she perceived to be confining treatment. Be that as it may, something in her life made her Descent into the Maelstrom possible, and ultimately, it could not have happened without Madonna’s consent. Yet another example of the decline and fall of moral culture.


As regards Amy Schumer and her reaction to losing half her audience two nights before in Tampa, Fla., Breitbart had this: During her performance in Manhattan, Schumer read aloud a letter she composed in response to hundreds of Trump supporters who had booed, stood up, and walked out on her stand-up gig 2 nights ago at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, when she went into an anti-Trump rant, calling him an “orange monster”.

Schumer read:

Dearest Tampa, I’m sorry you didn’t want me, a comedian who talks about what she believes in, to mention the biggest thing going on in our country right now. How could I think it was OK to spend five minutes having a peaceful conversation with someone with different views? After the show, I want you to know that I will go straight to a rehab facility.

Schumer then went on to say that she looks forward to “putting this all behind us” in November, when “Hillary Clinton is our m****r-f*****g president.” No doubt indeed, that we have a decline and fall of moral culture.

The New York Daily News noted that this isn’t the first time Madonna went slutty for Hillary.

On Sept. 28, Madonna and singer Katy Perry went topless on social media to encourage people to vote for Hillary. Madonna wrote: I’m voting naked with Katy Perry!! Vote for Hillary. She’s the Best we got!

Katy Perry, who will be 32 years old on October 25, said that when she was 15, she’d so(u)ld her soul to the devil:

As for Madonna, all decked out as the Baphomet at the 2012 Super Bowl (as pictured above) she turned her halftime performance into a satanic ritual (see “Super Bowl Satanism”) and furthered the advance of the decline and fall of moral culture.

Just how much more debased can it get? Don’t forget that it was just last week also that Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus was allowing the audience to touch her pubic area and anus, pictures of which are so disgusting that they aren’t suitable for displaying here, albeit that they have made their way into the newspapers. Can they go any lower? (pun intended)

If I had young children today, it would be extremely difficult to keep them away from such Satanic carnage, even though at the time of the Clinton bimbo eruption, my two younger sons were 7 and 6. I can assure you however, that they could well understand “what the meaning of is, is” and that “I never had sex with that woman” made them giggle when asked if they knew what sex was, because apparently president Clinton didn’t. They did.

What stands as millennial-age women in 2016 .. as close as we can reveal as to what was really happening...

What stands as millennial-age women in 2016 .. as close as we can reveal as to what was really happening “down below”…

So in conclusion, women the likes of Madonna, Amy Schumer, Hannah Montana (aka Miley Cyrus) and Hillary Clinton are what they are, servants of Lucifer who is granting them his gift of limited fame under the guise of the decline and fall of moral culture, which I have to suppose will be deeply regretted once they share with their master, that deep evil abode known as Hell. Unless of course, somebody in the meantime gets to them and leads them to repentance. Madonna is a vulgarian who is not aging well, as is Hillary Clinton. Sisters of Satan by definition, you might say.

As for the millennials Cyrus, Schumer, and Katy Perry, I expect they’ll age just as gracelessly as Madonna and Hillary. What can be said? There are certain people who have no business being famous. God help them. There’ve been far too many past entertainers who left earth too early, seduced by the wiles of Satan and his hordes. Prisoners together in the decline and fall of moral culture.

No fornicator shall ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven, period. We are all to some degree affected by lust, but at the end of the game in the decline and fall of moral culture, one serves either Jesus Christ or Satan.

It’s binary. It’s simple. It’s final. It’s irrevocable.

May God help us all to turn the tide.

Of the twenty-two civilizations that have appeared in history, nineteen of them collapsed when they reached the moral state the United States is in now. ~ Arnold Toynbee, A Study of History


Source Fellowship of the Minds / Personal archives

Soli Deo Gloria!

Soli Deo Gloria!