Without the abiding interest of history studies as I was growing up in the English aftermath of WWII, yours truly could well have fallen prey to the lies of the Left at a very young age; yes, even to the extent of those still-crazy Labour party operatives of the English Left, who to this very day, are still pounding the gavel of bureaucratic, globalist plutocracies against British Conservatism.

From the birth of life in my native England to my advancing Halcyon days here in what is still the greatest nation on the planet, lies, lies, and fairy tales forever seem to be the purview of the left side of humanity. All one-and-the-same inglorious servants of the Dark One. Look, for instance, what they did to my boyhood hero Winston Churchill after his victory against Hitler and Mussolini – ditched him!

A little primer to give some credence to what I’m putting forth.

Back in the annals of USA history, Joe McCarthy was the 1950s forerunner to Donald J. Trump, rooting out the Communist infiltration of the bureaucratic US government, the military, Hollywood, the news media, and – most importantly – the best educational system on the planet, which even in those early years, was being manipulated into a Communist proletarian manifesto.

McCarthy, like Trump in this day and age, was vilified, of course, and one could very well argue that he was an early victim of what became known as ‘kangaroo courts’. Turns out, however (again like Trump) he was right on point about everything. The swamp had a very early beginning.

Barry Goldwater, a good man, was written off as an extremist nut who couldn’t be trusted with nuclear weapons. The media chose their preferred Democrat, one Lyndon Baines Johnson, aka ‘LBJ’ (who will be ranked 1-2 with Dem #44 as the two most destructive men ever to defile the Oval Office) who by all accounts, became deeply involved in the happenings at Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas, on November 22, 1963.

Crude, weak, pompous, sexually braggadocious, and a complete nincompoop, he was actually caught smiling towards Houston, Texas Congressman Albert Thomas while being sworn-in aboard AF1 taking the body of JFK back to DC, while Jacquelynne Kennedy stood weeping silently in shock right beside him.

Ghoulish Democrat.

Then there’s the weakest, most pathetic President ever, Jimmy Carter, whom the media for some ridiculous reason vastly preferred over Ronald Reagan. When the vaunted Reagan finally became president, he gave recognition to his predecessor to sign the release order and welcome home the American hostages held for 444 days. (Iran hostage crisis, November 4 1979 – January 20 1981)

Grace and mercy from the great Reagan. Presidential.

Based upon that past history, We the People are now at a point in the United States where, as George Orwell put it in 1984: War is peace; Freedom is slavery; Ignorance is strength. The link down at the bottom ’13 Quotes’ is a stark illustration with pics, as to where the anti-American cabal headed up by the usual suspects, has allowed the infiltration of anything and everything anti-Constitutional.

Democrat Pelosi, with Hoyer, Lewis, Larson. We the People be damned…

Take this excerpt for instance, from Edward Lulie in Friday’s American Thinker: ‘How the Media will Spin it’:

When you control a majority of the media and you can invent news, you hold a great deal of power. Great economy under Trump? Not according to legacy media. Imagine for a moment what an unbiased media would have done with the Steele dossier; the connections to Clinton and [any] Democrat would have been exposed.  

Instead, reality was ridiculed: Trump’s claims of being spied upon and Trump Tower being bugged were “right-wing conspiracy theories” when they now appear to be true.

Remember the legacy media laughing when Trump claimed widespread voter fraud by the Democrat party? A recent article by Mark Hemingway, “Charges of Ohio Voter List ‘Purge’ Prove to Be Unfounded,” contained the frightening fact that Los Angeles County had 1.6 million voter registrations removed due to a lawsuit that found 1.6 million more registered voters than the number of voting-age residents living there. Now, that is just one county, but the media continue claiming that voter ID equals voter suppression. [full piece available in link at bottom]

On a more somber note, there appears to be no current indication that either Barr or Durham will indict or arrest the people who need to be arrested for justice to be served. History says they won’t; Sally Yates will not be indicted, nor will Rod Rosenstein or Robert Mueller, despite clear evidence of a conspiracy to obstruct the office of the President and use malicious legal process to deprive Donald J Trump of his civil rights.

As for Comey, Clinton, Rice, Powers, Rhodes, Weissman, Strzok, Ohr, Simpson, Steele, etal, as well as several members of Congress (or at least their staff) not one will be indicted for a consequential crime despite all the evidence to the contrary.

And while we’re at it, let us never, ever, forget the malignancy of the current shifty-Schiff criminal activity going on within the largest disinformation campaign ever perpetrated on We the People of the United States. In its history!

Lady Justice weeps.

Lying is Satan’s wheelhouse, and the Leftist Democrat party serve their master well. Yours truly is not ashamed to feel this way, because they, too, are God’s children and have the right to their own admonitions, for, or against. Christian love for my Lefty neighbors goes straight to the heavenly throne room itself. God help us all in this hour of need.


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