Dr. Ben Carson from his Facebook Page this past Thursday night, forwarded to me by son Kyle, with a bit of working over on it by yours truly and additions from my own Carson archives …


Proverbs 11:9: An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbor: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.

Dr. Ben Carson...

Dr. Ben Carson…

I wanted to use our time tonight to directly deal with an attack launched on me today by the left and the media. A couple of questions came in on this subject, so I want to address it head on.

Today I was accused by the press as having done research on fetal tissue. It simply is not true. The study they distributed by an anonymous source was done in 1992. The study was about tumors. I won’t bore you with the science. There were four doctors’ names on the study. One was mine. I spent my life studying brain tumors and removing them. My only involvement in this study was supplying tumors that I had removed from my patients. Those tissue samples were compared to other tissue samples under a microscope. Pathologists do this work to gain clues about tumors.

I, nor any of the doctors involved with this study, had anything to do with abortion or what Planned Parenthood has been doing. Research hospitals across the country have microscope slides of all kinds of tissue to compare and contrast. The fetal tissue that was viewed in this study by others was not collected for this study.

I am sickened by the attack that I, after having spent my entire life caring for children, had something to do with aborting a child and harvesting organs. My medical specialty is the human brain and even I am amazed at what it is capable of doing. Please know these attacks are pathetic attempts to blunt our progress.

Now lets get to answering your questions.

Nancy in Arkansas wants to know how my mother is doing.

Nancy, you know my mother is the only reason I stand here today. I surely would have been lost if it were not for her. She is an amazing woman. If she were the Secretary of Treasury, I assure you we would have a surplus. My mother was very ill when I announced my candidacy. The family was called in by her doctors. We surrounded her and prayed as did millions of you. She began to eat again. She has her strength back. She is doing as well as we can expect. Thank you for asking.

The next question is from Bill. He wanted to know if it was true that I was offered a slot at West Point after high school.

Bill, that is true. I was the highest student ROTC member in Detroit and was thrilled to get an offer from West Point. But I knew medicine is what I wanted to do. So I applied to only one school. (it was all the money I had). I applied to Yale and thank God they accepted me. I often wonder what might have happened had they said no.

Last question as it is getting late. A young nurse in Ohio wants to know how many patients did I treat during my career.

I treated over 15,000 patients in some 57 countries. We lived in Australia for a while as well. One of the most gratifying moments of each day is when I run into a former patient like I did tonight. My patients were all quite ill. I love seeing them with their families living normal lives. I think it is more gratifying than serving in Congress.

Speaking of serving in Congress. I constantly get asked how could I possibly become President when I have no political experience. Here is what I say. The current Members of Congress have a combined 8,788 years of political experience. How is that working out? People forget that of our 56 founding fathers who risked it all to sign the Declaration of Independence, Five were Doctors.


Proverbs 11:12: He that is void of wisdom despiseth his neighbor: but a man of understanding holdeth his peace.

Selected Responses From the Ensuing Thread

Dr. Carson studied me and my brain tumor, a Pilomyxoid astrocytoma for 16 years. At age 7 I was given 9 months to live. I am 22 and in college now. God healed me and used Dr Carson in that healing process. I thank the Lord for you Dr Carson and I would love to work in your campaign being living proof of what a kind, talented, amazing man you are and how you saved so many lives. ~ Brittany Klomp

Dr. Carson, you treated the son of a friend of mine several years ago. The parents have nothing but praise for your abilities and are thankful for the skills God blessed you with. God bless you in your endeavor as you continue in this race. If you are being set upon by the liberal sector, you must be doing something right. ~ Laura Johnson Gordon

Dr. Carson, you are an amazing God-fearing man. No matter when I contacted you and your team you always took time for my Brittany who was diagnosed with an extremely rare Pilomyxoid brain tumor. My family and I think the world of you. We entrusted you with the life of our precious child without a second thought. If we can do that, we would not give a second thought to entrusting the country to you.  Britt is 22 now and thinks a lot of you as well. She is in college and doing very well! Thank you!! ~ Crystal Tisse Komp

I am very thankful that my nephew was one of your 15000 patients. He would not be here today if not for your willingness to perform your skills … he would not be the professor teaching at a college and affecting the lives of others if not for you and the God given skills you have. Thank you sir, thank you. ~ Dennis Planje

You are awesome. I recall my sister needing a surgeon for her son. She asked me if I had heard of Ben Carson and I said no. I continued to ask around and found out you were so well respected and had such an amazing track record. You performed the operation on my nephew and I will never in a million years forget your name. You came from incredible odds to attain your current stature and should be an inspiration to all. ~ Louise Gill Bartley

Dr. Ben Carson, I am one of your patients not treated for brain tumors, but of ignorance and mediocrity. I know when you counted your treated patients, you didn’t count me and a million others who were treated through your books. You are a gift. We welcome your ideas and pray for their fruition. God bless the United States of America. ~ Endurance Ajodo

My son (2 in October) has a very well educated neurosurgeon. She removed the cyst on his brainstem that gave him Obstructive Hydrocephalus in utero. She is the light of our life. She gave us hope when others gave us none at all. From a death sentence before birth to a happy, HEALTHY young man after we met, I owe my life to her. I believe you will do the same for our nation. I have a lot of faith in you. I have never felt hope from former presidential candidates. I have googled you from sun up to sun down and I still sleep well at night with the idea that you may one day be our leader. You’ve got my vote. ~ Michelle Crosby 

And now a walk down memory lane, from the famous (infamous?!) National Prayer Breakfast address from February 2013 when Dr. Carson burst onto the political scene…


Proverbs 11:25: The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.


Nothing in Dr. Carson’s speech is inflammatory.  However, it is obvious from the look on the President’s face (even almost three years on) that he was irritated by the content, but you have to love the speech and Carson’s overall message regarding personal responsibility. I am hopeful that many within the Republican party will look past his race and get behind him because he has a message that dovetails with the founding fathers’ intent for this nation.  If African Americans (whatever that term means anymore) get behind Dr. Carson and begin to use him as a role model instead of Barack Obama’s message of “you’re the victim, let big brother [read, “the government”] fix all of your problems”, then all of the country (black and white) will be better served.  It should be noted that the group that has the most to gain by embracing Dr. Carson’s message are young black men and women who have been indoctrinated into the role of perpetual victim-hood. Many may not be quite ready to put a “Ben Carson for President” sign in their front yards at this point, since there are many issues that they would like to hear his position on first;  however, his life-philosophy is wonderful and should be embraced by all Americans.

One hopes and prays that Dr. Carson will not let the loud, overbearing, intolerant liberals of the United States succeed in silencing him.  If nothing else, his voice is vital to the future of our nation, and he has ideas of real solutions.  Listening to him really does inspire hope. Half the nation or more have just about had enough of listening to anything Obama says because it is nothing but lies, lies and more lies.  Dr. Carson is a genuine healer of nations, and a person to believe in and to esteem, simply because he is a true believer in, and a messenger of, God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ.  What a refreshing change he brings into the political arena.


II Chronicles 7:14: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Ben, the likelihood of you reading this comment is slim to none. You are very busy, I know that. I have been following you for several years now. I truly believe that you have an uphill battle in front if you, but you will have my vote regardless. Your plans and motives are very sincere and noble, and I think you are on the right path. Educating the people is the only way to ensuring lasting change and improvement. I’m sure you are well aware of the fact, it is hard as a human to take responsibility and hold yourself accountable (especially when you’re not already in the habit) and that is exactly what needs to happen, and exactly what you are challenging people to do. You have nothing to gain, and have spent your whole life giving, and now you are running for a chance to give more, and make more of the people and this country. That is truly noble. Unfortunately I missed you at your book signing in Fort Collins, Co. I was busy working, however I sent some family members to bring me some signed copies. I own and have read all of your books. I wish I was there to have had the opportunity to shake your hand. You are a good man. Good night, Ben ~ James Arone


Soli Deo Gloria...

Soli Deo Gloria…