Who can forget the ongoing turmoil among the global elitists caused by President Trump upon his announcement earlier this year to withdraw America’s involvement from the so-called Paris Accord on Global warming, cooling, climate change or whatever other descriptives get thrown into the mixer whenever the global warming weather scam hits the news media?

Let me open with this from commenter ‘Dale Greengo’ on the comments thread in the piece coming up in Watts Up With That from Eric Worrall titled “Record Breaking Winter Cold? Don’t Worry, the Climate Explainers Have it Covered”:

Anthropogenic global warming .. If only it were so, then Global warming would move the limit of the grain belt way up into Canada and Siberia. Greater CO2 would dramatically increase crop yields. Hunger would cease globally.

CO2 levels were many times greater in ancient times, yet no Armageddon occurred. Read the scientific papers of Dr. Heinz Hug to understand how CO2 functions in the atmosphere. It has very narrow bands of absorption, 1, 2.7, 4.3, 15 micrometers are the generalized spectral peaks. These are ALL absorbed to extinction within 30 feet of the ground. ADDING MORE CO2 DOES NOT INCREASE ENERGY ABSORPTION, but only reduces the distance needed for full absorption by a foot or two. [end]

Exactly. In fact, in a historical context, high CO2 levels caused higher O2 levels (photosynthesis) that allowed the dinosaurs to exist (consider that modern-day commercial green houses for example, inject CO2 to increase plant yields). As an example, during the Cretaceous period, there was NO ice at all at the poles, much higher CO2, and the Earth was full of vegetation and dinosaurs. They could not live today as the O2 levels are too low for such large animals.

Drudge Report Dec 31 2017 .. Cold records smashed .. Feels like -55° in ND .. Little ice age .. Live chill map ..


The oceans are rising today because the Wisconsin ice age has not yet finished; there is still ice at the poles. The ice age ends when all the ice has melted, so technically we’re still in the last ice age, except the next ice age will begin before the last has ended.

The climate changes we have seen in the geologic record are entirely disconnected from the CO2 levels. CO2 is a VERY minor gas in the atmosphere of Earth (0.04%). Note that water vapor is a vastly greater greenhouse gas than CO2. The reason for climate change is entirely due to the output of the sun and the amount of cosmic rays striking the atmosphere.

Search the US Geological Survey website (easy because I’ve already done it for you) and you will find the graphs of Earth temperatures over the past 2 million years and more, a time period which includes all the recent ice ages. As you research these graphs, you will notice that the data proves we are leaving the current interglacial warming period and are entering the next ice age. During the lifetimes of this generation (which includes we aging souls of the ‘Moses’ generation, together with the much younger emerging millennials) the worldwide population will be zoning within the next ice age.

The fraud of anthropogenic global warming exists because the globalists are subsidizing it to convince us to accept a global carbon tax, and to urge western nations to accept it.

Note that there is no call for China, the greatest producer of CO2 in history, to pay such a tax. ONLY the west. This tax has been tailored by the globalists (including Obama while he was in office, and his puppeteer Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros) to effectively take money from poor people in rich countries and give it to rich people in poor countries.

We of this generation are in that stage now, where massive numbers of dollars have (poof!) disappeared into the wilderness without accountability (hint, Clinton Sec. of State 6 billion?) and Obama with unidentified billions in cash loaded on an unmarked plane to Iran.

But the truth, however, will ‘out’ in the end.

Watch. Listen. Learn. Henrik Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery…

As Eric Worrall expresses it at the end of his study: Global warming is an infinitely flexible, unscientific, unfalsifiable theory which can be stretched to accommodate any observation. Some Climate Scientists even shamelessly reject the very concept of scientific falsification with regard to the conduct of climate science.

No matter what happens to the weather, the climate explainers shamelessly cobble together an explanation which blames bad weather on your sinful lifestyle.

True colors of solar corona taken by Miloslav Druckmüller

Whatever the observation might entail, the climate explainers have their theory – their infinitely adaptable theory, which they claim is science, where warm weather confirms their worst fears. Cold weather is waved away. Whatever the observation, the explainers shamelessly adapt their theory to provide an explanation, based on their “scientific” theory which cannot be falsified by any conceivable observations. [end]

As a final note, read about the Vladivostok ice core samples, here, here, and here, and other following sample sets to see that ice ages are preceded by a brief warming period; followed by an abrupt plunge into a new ice age.

Don’t fall for this fraud. AGW is the greatest fraud ever thrust upon the people of the world in all of history. Don’t buy it, but educate yourself instead.


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