Listen up students (memories of one of my old teachers), time for some re-evaluations of topics far and wide, notwithstanding the ages-old conundrum between the sexes. As in how far and deep females should be allowed to intrude on God-designed male endeavors – especially those of the sporting / entertainment / heavy-lifting variety.

And on the reverse equation, how far and deep males should be allowed to intrude on God-designed female endeavors.

Just for the record and call me old-fashioned if you will, but because of the obvious biological differences between male and female, I’ve never embraced the notion of women being allowed access to the bevy of ‘blood-sports’. In most sports where there has been some progress in gender desegregation there is minimal physical contact.

They include golf, tennis, baseball, swimming, and motor racing. As for the past 30+year push by women into the brutish contact sports of football, soccer, ice hockey, boxing, wrestling, etal, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

A whole slew of articles caught my eye this past week on the ins and outs of women’s soccer, particularly the US women’s participation in the ‘world cup’. To cut to the chase, the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team has soiled their shorts.

So to speak.

Rapinoe et al have poisoned their own well. And what a shame. What an utterly unnecessary, distracting, destructive shame. It is a timely example of the breakdown of boundaries and confusion that are common in America today.

The ‘women can do everything men can do’ movement has never worked. Ever. And even in its best attempt, not for long. As we students of history have long observed, the ancient Greek inventors of democracy soon discovered the fatal flaw. Especially Plato in his Republic; Cf Book VIII ~ More democracy = lower standards, more disorder, less stability; eventually leading to tyranny in order to restore and preserve order.

Repeat cycle. More equality, less liberty.

Then there’s Alexis de Tocqueville, “Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”

But in truth there is no equality, not in the ordinary sense. It is a noble lie, a grand obfuscation and a gross mystification. Nothing is more obvious than that all men (and be sure to include women in this case) are NOT equal in any but a spiritually, metaphysically, legal and common sense, and even this presents some difficulties when examined closely.

That men (and women) are or ever could be equal in talents, abilities, character, potential etc., is nothing but nonsense on stilts. It is the source of much envy and resentment because of its impossible expectations. It is the cause of endless social engineering failures that try in vain to make things come out equal and politically correct among unequals.

Three separate but related articles are linked in full down at the bottom, all contributing in their own way into the overall conclusion of the topic at hand. Which happens to be Womens’ Soccer and why it sucks in its present state.

Snippets from each of them:

Silvio Canto opines: Actually, not everyone is happy.  I am not happy, and lots of people I’ve heard from are not happy. First, the tournament showed that international women’s soccer is a total mismatch.  In other words, there aren’t enough good women’s soccer teams in the world.  The U.S. is obviously “the queen” of soccer and will only get better because our young women have more resources.

On that point, it did not help that some of the ladies showed so little class, as when they pounded Thailand 13-0!


Michael James chimed in with: So there’s Megan and her lesbian posse, hailed with “Our Lesbian Soccer Players Make Us Proud” by Froma Harrop last week and “The Many Lessons of Megan Rapinoe” by Connie Schultz. Imagine taking pride in second-rate athletic accomplishment on the basis of lesbianism. Further imagine claiming that profane and spoiled little whiners living an American life couched in entitlement and privilege have anything to teach the rest of us. Only an obsequious lackey slave to self-indulgent dogma would suggest such a thing.

“I’m not going to the f*****g White House,” Rapinoe has said. “No, I’m not going to the White House. We’re not going to be invited. I doubt it.” Second-class journalism supporting second-best lesbian soccer — America is forced to eternally waste too much time on one stupid chapter.


And Earick Ward had this: The idiom “for God and country” (pro aris et focis) has been around for quite some time.  Its premise speaks to those things that are of greater import than self.  It speaks of honor and humility — honor for God (the Creator of all things) and of country (a people who maintain national, or common interests).

Enter Megan Rapinoe, the captain of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team. What could have been a victory for God, family, and country, was reduced to self, her radical leftist political ideology, and perhaps her sexual proclivity, lesbianism.

As for yours truly, you can call me old-fashioned again if you will, but a couple of Webster definitions sum it up for me quite nicely.

First up: la·dy·like /ˈlādēˌlīk/: adjective: 1. appropriate for or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman or girl: “it wasn’t ladylike to be too interested in men”:

synonyms: genteel, polite, refined, well bred, cultivated, polished, decorous, proper, correct, respectable, seemly, well mannered, cultured, sophisticated, courteous, civil, elegant, urbane, civilized, courtly, dignified, gracious;

informal: posh: “her antics were considered very undignified by her ladylike peers” / “she was ladylike as no other”;

And: wom·an·like / ˈwʊm ənˌlaɪk/: adjective: like a woman; womanly. [c.1400–50]: “the accepted womanlike (womanly) qualities of compassion and unselfishness”: / “womanly virtues and gentleness”:

synonyms: womanly, consideration for others, womanish petulance, a term of approval, womanish shrillness, self possession, modesty, motherliness, feminine, not masculine, not girlish.

Melania Trump at the Melbourne, Florida victory rally in February 2017 introducing the president with the Lord’s Prayer … When was the last time you saw that from a First Family? A family that prays together stays together…

It’s pretty simple really. I’m one of those unabashed men who belong under that trio of umbrellas up above. The slayer of the dragons so that ‘ladylike woman’ can be the keeper of the castle.

None of us are obligated to like people who hate us, our values, our country and the things we care about. They can live their lives as they wish. But we have no obligation to care one whit about them or spend a penny to their benefit. Except perhaps to lift them up in prayer.

This is true of actors (aka walking mannequins), sports people, politicians or any other miscreant who thinks their celebrity gives them a perch to comment or act ignorantly on things that they don’t understand, but that we do understand.

They have a right to their opinion, but they don’t have the right to force us to hear it.

Here’s the closer. The varsity boys soccer teams at most high schools could beat the US women’s World Cup team hands down. Given enough room, 13 – 0 even.

There was a call on Rush the other day from a female soccer coach describing that female soccer players are on par with males until about age 14, when the males greatly exceed and overtake them. See ‘FC Dallas under-15 boys’, third link down below.

It’s all about biology you see … Fair?

Probably not but female bodies are entirely different for a reason. Thank God.


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