In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution. ~ Thomas Jefferson

The following narrative is culled in two print styles from * [Yours truly, DGH] and * [DJS American Thinker]

The elite class have tried every tactic known to smear candidate Trump and now President Trump. The elite and their acolytes in the deep state had one arrow left in their quiver which was impeachment. That too is failing for lack of evidence and lack of interest. The public remains free for now. But you can bet the elite are still working like termites behind the scene constantly gnawing at the foundations of the Constitution. Their perceived weakness at taking out Trump will lead to a whole new raft of strategies and tactics to make sure no one ever dare question the power of the elite to select their hand picked hand maidens ever again. If there is one thing that must be upheld it’s the power of the elite to control the masses while the Constitution naps in the background. [DGH]

One hates to think that the reason Nancy Pelosi delayed delivery of the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for trial was that her order for commemorative pens hadn’t come in yet. What’s a somber occasion like an impeachment without a commemorative pen? Don’t forget to pose for pictures with a smiling Pelosi on the way to the after party. And for a mere $19.99 donation to the DNC you can get a framed copy of the gibberish convicted Lev Parnas scribbled on a hotel notepad, part of the “additional evidence” in the smoke-and-mirrors drama Democrats hope to make into a mini-series. Lev Parnas is the latest in a series of lying felons used by Democrats to slime President Trump in vain and follows in the proud tradition of Michael Cohen and Michael Avenatti. [DJS]

They have the absolute gall to talk about Trump’s conduct all the time. Look at Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ conduct! I see absolutely nothing wrong with President Trump’s conduct, God had him in training for this job all his life with bureaucrats, union members, union bosses, construction workers and every kind of tough guy you can imagine just so he can stand up to those crooks and liars and bullies in Congress. God doesn’t pick perfect people for jobs. He gives us exactly the right man for the job because He knows who we are. He is our maker and our strength. Donald Trump offers trade and jobs. The demoMarxocrats offer repeal of repeals and stagnation. Keep remembering that HillaryRob’Em’s only accomplishment was having to cancel the fireworks show following her ignominious defeat. [DGH]

The Articles of Impeachment could have been written and signed in crayon, since they were written by people dumber than a fifth grader, or perhaps an etch-a-sketch, since they constantly are changing and may change yet again. The overwhelming and iron-clad case against Trump requires more witnesses, witnesses that weren’t called when the House had the chance. Pelosi could have contested things like executive privilege in court early on but were told we had no time for courts, just due process and the right to confront one’s accuser. Democrats play checkers, Trump plays three-dimensional chess, inking two major job-creating trade deals as Democratic opponents like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren may have to miss the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary while locked up as jurors in a Senate trial that is a total waste of time. [DJS]

Biden would have us believe that his son getting a huge salary from the Ukraine Company ‘Burisma’ was just happenstance. Yeah, so was Lewinsky’s ‘Little Blue dress’ and #44’s ‘Smidgen’. The dems are dirty and crooked. The media lies for them on a regular basis. If the facts are correct, the troubling news that Biden has to actually explain if his son’s business dealings in Ukraine were on the up and up, how come the checks he received were laundered through numerous banks, corporations and entities bouncing around Europe and Mideast sources before coming into Hunter’s possession? That is the killer app that Biden has to explain, and of course his sale of his office around the world to one and all, and to other members of his family like his brother who also profited…[DGH]

The American people can see the contrast in what the two parties offer America. The Republicans offer trade and jobs. The Democrats offer repeal of the Industrial Revolution after disenfranchising 63 million voters in a bitter coup overthrowing a duly elected President of the United States. The Democrats hoped that at the very least they could damage Trump badly enough to make Americans forget who gave them record employment numbers, rising wages and 401-Ks and pension plans fattened by a Dow soaring past 29,000 and no end in sight. But they failed. Not only is Donald Trump never going to be impeached by the Senate, in the process of trying, they have turned off independent and swing state voters convinced that Trump was too rash and erratic to be trusted.[DJS]

Given how unraveled the demoMarxocrats have become over the past four years, the only thing that appears to make sense is the fact that many of them, especially at the top, have committed real crimes and are concerned that Trump is fully aware of them. Thereby their need to preemptively get out in front of the narrative, such that any arrest of any of them by Trump would be captioned under ‘politically motivated’. When they refer to the Constitution, one just has to wonder whether they know what on earth they’re talking about. It seems to be something totally different and a corruption of the original that was designed for the ‘legal’ citizenry of the United States of America. The Constitution after all, needs to be revered for what it is. [DGH]

Pelosi and poisoned pens of impeachment…

Now that the march of the penguins has brought the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, the only thing the Republicans should sign is a motion to dismiss. Failing that, witnesses must include the whistleblower and his coach, Rep. Adam Schiff, for any trial in which the accused cannot confront his accuser is invalid. Witnesses should also include both Joe and Hunter Biden. After all, if Trump is going to be on trial for allegedly trying to dig up dirt on them, wouldn’t it be nice to show there actually was dirt to dig up? This is going nowhere, but only after a trip through the muck of the swamp. Trump may be forever impeached, Nancy, but when the dust settles he will still be your President.[DJS]

President Trump has already arranged to testify in his own defense, on the most televised speech of the year (that would be the State of the Union address) with no opportunity for demoMarxocrat cross examination. Oh, and not even under oath! THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is a 3-D chessmaster at work. Pawn to queen 4, level 3. CHECKMATE!

Statesmen, my dear Sir, may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is religion and morality alone, which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand. The only foundation of a free Constitution is pure virtue. ~ John Adams


Daniel John Sobieski, American Thinker: Pelosi’s Pen no match For Trump’s Sword


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