Several years ago I was expressing to a friend of mine what I assumed was the undeniable fact that the world has an Islam problem. Her kneejerk response, ingrained by years of Progressive indoctrination, was, “But don’t you think Christianity is just as bad?” Meanwhile Islam’s presence multiplies across the West as Christianity’s diminishes. To cite just one example: Giulio Meotti at the Gatestone Institute reports that since 2001, London alone has lost 500 churches of all denominations, with 423 new mosques springing up to replace them. As we face the momentum of an Islamized West in the future, the question “Isn’t Christianity just as bad?” has become one of paramount, existential importance. ~ Mark Tapson, False Equivalence Between Islam and Christianity


That quote from Mark Tapson is from the introduction of his piece highlighting Nonie Darwish, a former Muslim and now Christian convert, who demolishes that moral equivalence in her new book Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values.

She has proven in the past with her other books Now They Call Me Infidel, Cruel and Usual Punishment, and The Devil We Don’t Know that she is a fearless crusader for truth against the apologists of Islam and the enemies of Christianity, but this latest is her most forceful testament yet.

Clearly an honest book based on her personal experience, this may not be scholarship in the truest sense but it is pure testimony and that deserves respect, as it gives us great insight into the practice of Islam today, as opposed to theory or texts. She lived it, knew it, and rejected it.

Sir Winston Churchill on Islam…

Apostates are some of the best sources of information on spreading the truth about virulent Islam. Ibn Warraq is another one who comes to mind. His 1995 ground-breaking book Why I am Not a Muslim, was a key to the intellectual development of millions at the time who were fighting the spread of Islam. No doubt this latest Darwish book will do the same for the current generation. Hopefully.

Her introduction to Christianity was transformative. “When I became Christian and heard for the first time that we human beings were made in the image of God, I wept. I was in awe at the honor, after being given shame and little value under Islam, which is not about transforming hearts and renewing minds; it is about conquering lands and enslaving the innocents.”

“While the overriding theme of the Bible is the redemption and happiness of believers,” she adds, “the overriding theme of Islam’s Qur’an is punishing non-Muslim believers.”

Take for instance, this list of differences between Biblical and Islamic values that she has personally witnessed. She breaks down these and literally dozens of other dichotomies throughout the book:


  • We Are All Sinners vs. They Are All Sinners
  • Life is Sacred vs. Death is Worship
  • Guided by the Holy Spirit vs. Manipulated by Human Terror
  • God the Redeemer vs. Allah the Humiliator
  • Jesus Died for Us vs. We Must Die for Allah
  • The Truth Will Set You Free vs. Lying is an Obligation
  • Faith vs. Submission

Darwish proceeds to uphold the two sets of religious values as mirror-opposites of each other, with virtually no common ground. She makes no attempt to whitewash Islam, which she refers to as “a cult of death,” and she pulls no punches in presenting it as Christianity’s mortal enemy.

“Everything God tells us in the Bible that He loves, Islam has set out to destroy. Islamic values are backward, the opposite to what every Jew and Christian holds dear… The Qur’an represents a negative power, a dark and subversive force that relentlessly challenges the authority of the Bible and God Himself.”

“The flame of the Islamic rebellion against the Bible has been burning for fourteen hundred years,” Darwish continues. “It is fueled by terrorism, but also by intentional misinformation, propaganda, and lies.”

Another well known freedom fighter against the evils of Islam, Brigitte Gabriel knows firsthand what Islamism and its ideology is all about. Born and raised in a Christian family in Lebanon (a once most beautiful Middle-Eastern country, now a wasteland of Islamic/Muslim devastation) she lived through one of the darkest periods of her life when Islamists/Muslims took over, pushed out or killed Christians and literally destroyed what was once a vibrant country. She’s the author of two books: Because They Hate and They Must Be Stopped.

Check out her astounding knowledge of Islam and how it must be put down…

“Islam lacks confidence in itself,” Darwish asserts, and thus “the mere existence of a freely chosen competing faith threatens Islam at its very core… Thus the Bible has become the number one threat to Islam’s ability to prevail.”

That is why a book like Wholly Different is such a vital reminder in our time of the vast gulf between the values of the two religions. As Islam wages genocide against Christians in the Middle East and pursues cultural jihad throughout the West, Christianity wrestles internally with a paralyzing identity crisis.

There is no more time for self-doubt, no more time for “Coexist” bumper stickers and wishful thinking, no more time for appeasement.

What Nonie Darwish’s book reminds us of is that our choice comes down to this: “The values of the Bible lead to peace, prosperity, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Islamic values on the other hand will take any and all societies straight to the pits of Hell.”

It’s long past time for We The People to make up our minds. Believe these two women who say that radical Islamism is here to destroy us, when they themselves have been to Hell and back under the cloud of Islam. Or continue to believe the Taqiyya lies and deception of an evil ideology which is bound and determined to bring down Western Civilization.

There is no other option but to defeat it.

Winston Churchill summed up the matter as follows:  “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities – but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

Apologists like Reza Aslan can say whatever they want; they claim that Islam is forever and perpetually “misunderstood” — and can bank on Western ignorance of its own history to get away with it.  But fear and dislike of Islam has been the mainstream position among Christian/Western people for nearly 1,400 years — ever since Muhammad started raiding, plundering, massacring, and enslaving non-Muslims (“infidels”) in the name of his god; and it is because his followers, Muslims, continue raiding, plundering, massacring, and enslaving “infidels”, that the fear and dislike of Islam — what is called “Islamophobia” — exists to this day. ~ Raymond Ibrahim, A 1389 Year-Old ‘Phobia’


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