En-Garde Patriots!! The Obot robots are after Ted Cruz and the rest of the gang of newbies as they stand up together in their quest to change the corruption of Washington DC …

The latest is a smear campaign against his wife being employed by Goldman Sachs and they have it plastered in a quote box from a NWO perspective.

Heidi Cruz ..

Understand that this is how the Obot fraud in the WH operates, together with the squirrely Valerie Jarrett who is constantly by his side. He got his Illinois senate seat remember, by destroying the character of his opponent, and his US Senate seat from the Blagojevich mafia. He got his “signature” legislation steam-rolled through Congress with corrupt kick-backs and lying through his teeth. He knows “nothing” about ANY scandal he’s involved in because Jarrett and his lackeys do it for him. His secret lock-box needs to be broken into so that we can impeach the fraud before he does some REAL damage to this country.

As if the death threats on Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and the others are not chilling enough, we have our own patriots skewering them. “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” wasn’t a great movie because of James Stewart and the “feel-good” factor with a happy ending – it was a great movie because it stirred the cause of freedom, and decency, and “doing the right thing” even when everybody around you is yelling “give it up; give it up.”

Winston Churchill, during the darkest time of WWII when it seemed as though Hitler was turning the tide and the Brits had to retreat from Dunkirk proclaimed “It’s not enough we do our best: sometimes we have to do what’s required.”

As to the Ted Cruz onslaught, all of his biographical information, together with that of his wife, has been fully disclosed since the earliest days of Sen Cruz’ involvement in the GWB campaign going back to 1999 …

Now if only we concentrated on who the FRAUD is in the WH, unlock the secret box, and check out his highly-suspect background, then we just might get this Constitutional Republic back in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE ..

It’s gonna take guys/gals with the courage of the Cruz/Lee/Rubio/Gowdy etal generation to get rid of the DC country-club atmosphere and “right” the ship of state. Just last night in Arlington Texas, there was a sell-out crowd for Ted Cruz in a venue which had to be changed three times to accommodate the overflow crowd, and even at that, it was barely enough … The Cruz mantra is always “I represent 26 million people in Texas who sent me to Washington for a purpose ..” and those people appreciate his candor ..

Ted Cruz ...

Nary a one of us is perfect, as we all trend towards something or other from our upbringing, whether good, bad, or indifferent .. Compared to the career-long club members making themselves millionaires from their 40-years on Capitol Hill, it is somewhat refreshing to have the old guys ripping the new generation for being so brazenly open about representing the people who elected them. What a novel idea eh? The good thing about the young bunch coming through, is that they have their own careers in addition to serving their districts … They don’t need the money. My Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess is a good case in point … He can’t be bought. Nor can Ted Cruz ..

WE THE PEOPLE need to be getting behind the good guys, and letting them know just how much we appreciate their courage, and tenacity, dignity, and love of the Republic; that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to remedy the mess that Obama and his sycophants have wrought on us …

“It’s not enough we do our best: sometimes we have to do what’s required.”

A Republic if you can keep it