In case you missed it this past week, there was what turned out to be a White House summit of sorts, which rang true for a greater part of the United States’ population, while being scorched legless on the other hand by the Deep State Big Fake News Media and the Shadow Government Bureaucracies.

NFL legend Jim Brown and rapper extraordinaire Kanye West were invited to the White House by President Trump to discuss issues of national importance, particularly relating to the serious deterioration of black neighborhoods across the United States.

“KANYE WEST: You stopped the war.
THE PRESIDENT: We really stopped the war.”

There, revealed from the transcript the heart and soul, the ethos, of the Man and Nation: WE.

A more poignant statement does not exist, this ‘WE’ seemingly embedded deep within him, almost from birth. The key to his resonating with We the People of ALL colors, creeds and nationalities. Cut from the same cloth as president Ronald Wilson Reagan with no false narrative in him at all.

As Kanye West outlined his personal agenda to improve the lives of his fellow-Americans however, the feckless losers controlling the political plantations of America’s inner cities unleashed a diatribe of hateful invective cut from the cloth of discrimination more akin to Hitler’s SS butchers which ran all the way to their colleagues controlling the hate-stream media. And I compose that descriptive advisedly.

The freaking-out-meter of the left led by something called CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS (am I missing any?) went completely off the scale of opprobrium since they all knew exactly how important the Kanye moment was. Witnessing fellow-celebrity entertainers attack him, when you would think they should be standing with a fellow artist over free expression, was not reassuring.

Kanye West, Jim Brown meet with President Trump on how best to improve black neighborhoods…

The reason this is such a big deal, is because it shouldn’t be a big deal at all. An American citizen was invited to meet the President in the Oval Office. And we all have the right to accept that invitation.

The Leftist DemoMarxists however, have historically practiced unmitigated racism. The confusion in the general population is in large part because of the DemoMarxist propaganda about themselves for many decades (see link at bottom).

So it should come as no surprise that every derogatory slur spittled at Kanye will resonate in the hearts and minds of Kanye fans, while the aloof leftists ‘harhumphing’ self-righteously across the TV airwaves have no idea what they’ve just done – basically having driven even more people of color into President Trump’s camp. This President is OPEN and WELCOMING. He is respectful towards Kanye, Jim Brown and everybody else he knows.

Meanwhile every pejorative hurled at Kanye by the diseased DemoMarxists is a pejorative hurled at free-thinking people of color. As for Kanye’s desire to help his fellow-citizens? Let’s take a look shall we? …

This is the note handed to VP Mike Pence from the released N. Korean hostages a couple of months ago … kind of sums up Kanye’s impact on the black community…

  • Prison reform; gang violence needs to be ended; blacks need to leave Democrat party;
  • Black families need mothers and fathers; get off welfare into jobs; help community;
  • Moving back to Chicago to help; bring jobs back to depressed areas; make America stronger;
  • School curricula Jim Brown’s Amer-I-Can; the need to care about all people; do what you can with what you’ve got;

A mite rambling, yes, but nevertheless the heart of the man shows through. Videos of the talking heads trashing Kanye are already viral but the Dems are making mistake after mistake this election season.

Some of Kanye’s thoughts reflected a unique spiritual belief but we are after all, free to have our own thoughts and beliefs. No surprise then, that he was well spoken and passionate about what he thinks needs to be done for his fellow-citizens of America; and particularly within the black community.

No wonder the left wants him silenced. That man isn’t crazy, he’s a lot smarter than the left is giving him credit for.


***** As I was finishing up this piece, I got the heads-up that Pastor Brunson (released from prison in Turkey this past Friday) and his wife, prayed for the president following a ceremony in the White House, Saturday afternoon. Yet another example of the impact President Trump is having not only in America, but around the globe.

As for the attributes of a praying president, something called CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and anything else liberally DemoMarxist in nature and outlook – heads begin to explode in … 3 … 2 … 1…


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