For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me: they have spoken against me with a lying tongue. ~ Psalm 109: 2

Yours Truly: Killing socialism. There appear to be a whole lot of self-absorbed yet powerful people in America who barely seem to remember which nation they are citizens of. And they certainly don’t seem to grasp its importance. Some of the more bewitched are right now, as I write this, out for bluff and bluster in an aborted attempt to demean President Donald John Trump in a fallacious tale of ‘impeachment’. Tens of thousands (millions even) of their countrymen have died over the centuries to ensure that future brethren would be born with birthright citizenship. Yet neither do they seem to know or care.

We’re the nation which crossed two world oceans at once to defeat three Fascist nations – Germany, Italy, Japan. Then, after defeating them militarily, we immediately built them back up, better than they had ever been before. This is what Americans do, what we’re all about. Not those demonstrably socialist evildoers on the left who demean America insatiably.

Killing socialism and passing the test…

Thaddeus G. McCotter, American Greatness: The Democrats’ crony socialism is in its death throes. Our communications revolution has empowered individuals to make their own decisions and have their voices heard and heeded. It was a welcome development for our constitutional republic, for it promised to increase the liberty and the equality of its citizens. 

But the empowerment of Americans to make their own decisions and pursue their own happiness in a more egalitarian and, thus, more perfect union proved a threat to the self-anointed elites who lust to dictate our destinies. Leftists, corporatists, globalists, academics, the spoon-fed media, and all others who want to control you for power and profit have combined with and within the Democratic Party to arrest and reverse the continued empowerment of the sovereign citizenry. This inherently anti-democratic combination, which was celebrated for rigging the 2020 election in Time, constitutes crony socialism.

They compassed me about also with words of hatred; and fought against me without a cause. ~ Psalm 109: 3

Yours Truly: Casting minds back to a different era of a few years ago, our first community-organizer president famously declared that “we are the people we’ve been waiting for.” He meant that “this time we’re the people that will get socialism right.” He and other members of the Choom Gang, while smoking weed at college, imagined themselves to be in the vanguard of a social movement that could “lower the sea levels and heal the planet.” And not only were they potheads, they were math wizards who could “bend the arc of history.” Imagine!

Killing socialism and passing the test…

The plain fact of the matter is that “people we’ve been waiting for,” (when they’re not completely addled by weed, that is) are a determined and thoughtful bunch indeed. The phony ‘election’ that installed Biden as ‘president’ no less, was welcomed back with the ‘by the book crowd’ in full measure. Most ‘progressives’ are virtue-signaling dolts who don’t know Lennon from Lenin. But they are led by the Choom Gang. And that’s the danger for our self-governing Republic. Yikes!

McCotter: Bluntly, they believe the only entity on earth that might be powerful enough to bully the citizenry into submission is government. That this elitist alliance is destined to fail is patently evident in their calumnies and actions—indeed, they reveal they are more cognizant, both consciously and unconsciously, of their coming demise than are their Republican, populist, and conservative opponents.

You can read it in these crony socialists’ insane executive orders, bills, and op-eds demeaning their political opponents as cultists and domestic terrorists who must be detained, deprogrammed, and droned. You can hear it in these crony socialists’ violent, hateful rhetoric about Trump supporters and, in fact, everyone upon whom they project their own misdeeds.

For my love they are my adversaries: but I give myself unto prayer. ~ Psalm 109: 4

Yours Truly: Almost nobody doubts that Obama is a socialist. His three “autobiographies” were written by socialists. Does anybody doubt that Bill Ayers is a socialist? In any case, Obama is a “Citizen of the World.” He said so in front of a large crowd in Berlin. As for yours truly, a non-essential Deplorable Domestic Terrorist Chump, I care little whether Obama really goes around “carrying pictures of Chairman Mao.” I know he had a big smile on his face when he had himself photographed in Havana with the large Che` mural in the background. I would be happier if Obama and his wife stuck to hanging-out with Beyonce’ and smoking weed. Sheesh!

Killing socialism and passing the test…

McCotter: True, it will be a long, bitter, twilight struggle as these crony socialists gasp and grasp for the last ephemeral vestiges of their illusory superiority. But make no mistake: it is a done deal. 

As the people of Eastern Europe who liberated themselves from the Communist yoke instruct us: once a people is empowered, though there may be frustrating fits and starts, eventually they will refuse to be muted or mastered. And it will make no difference just how hard these crony socialists cling to their globalism and or secularism and or “wokeism.” These crony socialists are already in their death throes, bitterly clinging to the ass end of history before scraping the bowl on their way down the memory hole.

When their time comes, let us be magnanimous, and bid these crony socialists good riddance from our freer republic.[end]

And they have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for my love. ~ Psalm 109: 5

Yours Truly: Mmmmm … It would be far more reassuring were Mr. McCotter to be totally correct in his premise that the left is in decline. Faith in their stated ideals may indeed be declining, but their power, thanks to RepubliCON’s meek acceptance of the fraudulent election, is on a major upswing. For future elections, I vouch that we can count on more, and better concealed fraud extending further down ballot in all future contests. Those willing to ignore the fraud this time would be more than naive in looking to future elections to rid us of the scourge of leftism. And more importantly, killing socialism. [end]

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Let them be before the Lord continually, that he may cut off the memory of them from the earth. ~ Psalm 109: 15


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