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The further down the road of perdition this man and his cohorts take us, the closer we come to the warning words sent forth almost 130 years ago from the pulpit of C.H.Spurgeon: 

As each man passes into another world, there is an immediate judgment passed upon him; but this is only the foreshadowing of that which will take place in the end of the world. There is a judgment also passing upon nations, for as nations will not exist as nations in another world, they have to be judged and punished in this present state. The thoughtful reader of history will not fail to observe, how sternly this justice has dealt with empire after empire, when they have become corrupt. Colossal dominions have withered to the ground, when sentenced by the King of kings.

Go you and ask today, Where is the empire of Assyria? Where are the mighty cities of Babylon? Where are the glories of the Medes and Persians? What has become of the Macedonian power? Where are the Caesars and their palaces?

These empires were forces established by cruelty and used for oppression; they fostered luxury and licentiousness, and when they were no longer tolerable, the earth was purged from their polluting existence. Ah me! what horrors of war, bloodshed, and devastation, have come upon men as the result of their iniquities! The world is full of the monuments, both of the mercy and the justice of God: in fact, the monuments of his justice, if rightly viewed, are proofs of his goodness; for it is mercy on the part of God to put an end to evil systems when, like a nightmare, they weigh heavily upon the bosom of mankind. When we rebel, and sin against him, he will not hold us guiltless, but will deal out impartial justice to an ungrateful race. (excerpt from C. H. Spurgeon – Coming Judgments of the Secrets of Men – 1885)

In an inadvertent attempt (perhaps) to add insult to injury, salt to the wounds, and by displaying a total lack of compassionate sensibility to what they are in effect declaring, Senators Reid, Schumer, and Durbin brought the political guillotine rattling down on the necks of WE THE PEOPLE when they went before the cameras earlier today with this outrageous comparison between the life of one child versus that of thousands of others:

Towards the end of his powerful preaching, Spurgeon dwells for a fleeting moment upon the principle of why God is impelled to bring his will into play in assessing the lives of each and every one of us …

The secrets of men will be judged because often the greatest of moral acts are done in secret. It would be a pity that such deeds should be left out at the great audit. Thus, too, secret vices are also of the very blackest kind, and to exempt them would let the worst of sinners go unpunished. Shall it be that these polluted beings shall escape because they have purchased silence with their wealth? I say solemnly, God forbid: what they have done in secret, shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. God help us, wherever we rove and wherever we rest, to remember that each thought, word, and act of each moment lies in that fierce light which beats upon all things from the throne of God.