On prospects, and passage of time and dates. Between God, truth & righteousness – Faith versus government conspiracy…

Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth. ~ Jeremiah 23: 5

DGH: The 1950s and early 60s were an anomaly in American history. The borders were largely closed. An industrialized society made it possible for a single earner to support a family. Most of the industrialized world was still recovering from WWII. The US stood alone, with Canada. Then came LBJ and his “Great Society”, concurrent with the Vietnam war and immigration reform. Government grew by leaps and bounds. The rest, as they say, is history. Yes indeed, the old America is gone forever. We can never bring back the past. We can learn from it but we can’t bring it back. Someone once made the argument that the future isn’t getting worse it is just different. And that is true. But I still say this future is worse than the past. Especially on a cultural level.

SloJoe FJBiden has really accomplished the impossible – destroyed America in just two years and all to the point of just who would’ve thought this possible when (the real) President Trump was in office? Let it rip Pymple and Dullard Dave both of whom are blocked. Yes, the old America is gone forever. We can never bring back the past. We can learn from it but we can’t bring it back. Someone once made the argument that the future isn’t getting worse it is just different. And that is true. But I still say this future is worse than the past. Especially on a cultural level. The only real difference between now and then is the establishment was patriotic in the 50’s and 60’s. Now, they’ve become focused on the final prize, the globe, the very same deep state we had back when, as WW2 helped usher in the era of a developing America. What say it’s time to usher in the era of the republic to replace the deep state progressive era aka 1910-2024?

Robert Arvay, American Thinker: Is the old America gone forever?

Mike Nowak’s recent piece in American Thinker on the old Perry Mason TV show, although somewhat tongue in cheek, awakened in me some nostalgic memories.  As a teenager, I watched many of the episodes when they first aired, and a few years ago, I watched all the YouTube videos I could find as if they were reruns.

Having been an eyewitness to the 1950s and ’60s, watching the videos was sentimentally a bit like visiting my childhood home town. I recognized, if not places, certain landmarks of the mind, and despite my memories of some of the bad things, such as institutional racism in my home state, I felt a longing to return, at least for a brief sojourn, to what was truly good in those times, a goodness that my children and grandchildren missed out on and may never know.

One of the first things one notices in the early series, 1957 to ’59 or so, is the remnant of chivalry that today’s feminists decry as sexist. Men were gentlemen. Oh, come now, there were the boors and abusers, but gentlemanliness was expected. Men held doors for ladies, helped them on with their coats, stood when they entered the room, and so forth. Those customs are so archaic as to be almost laughable among the youngsters of today.

Ladies were, may I say so, ladylike. Again saying, oh come, now, there were tramps, but everyone was aware that chivalry was not yet entirely dead, and people knew how ladies were expected to dress and behave. If you were not there, perhaps you can never understand. Feminism of the angry version has crushed all that.

On prospects, and passage of time and dates. Alexander Tytler: right all along?

There were no cell phones, and the telephones available had rotary dials, a feature that some kids now have difficulty understanding. Although automatic transmissions were common in automobiles, clutch pedals remained ubiquitous. I am humorously reminded of some hoodlum car thieves in recent years who tried to steal a car with standard transmission, but they could not drive it.

Perry Mason won all his cases (I think there was one that was solved, but not by him), but the prosecutor, even in defeat, was always an honest broker. Yes, he would gloat when he momentarily thought he had Perry, but he always carried out the law, even when it meant cooperating with the defense. He would never have consented to political prosecution. He would not have tried to send Kyle Rittenhouse or George Zimmerman to prison, not once he knew the facts.

Reluctantly returning to reality, I move from the black-and-white moral certainty of the fifties to the ethically amorphous colors of today, and I sadly note that all the actors and actresses who populated that wonderful fantasy world have departed from this world of reality. Beautiful Barbara Hale, the epitome of the classy lady, died just over six years ago at age 94, preceded, I believe, by all the others. The absence of that quality of television is the main reason I cut my cable and have not watched TV in many years. [end]

DGH roll-off. From a lady by the name of Christine: My husband is also 74 and treats me to the courtesies he learned at the Naval Academy. Last night we were driving to the parade route with our grandchildren (it’s Mardi Gras time here in New Orleans) and we passed Tulane’s fraternity row. Such a sad collection of mannerless females made me embarrassed in front of my grandchildren. I wonder what the world will look like when our generation dies and with it the manners and morals that made the world beautiful?

In answer to that question, dear lady Christine, go spend some time inside a typical K-12 school if you’re allowed – your husband probably won’t be allowed in but you might, and notice that virtually all the K-12 teachers (96%) are female and that includes the administration and staff as a given. Observe that the other 4% are weak-minded beta-male enabling eunuchs looking for a pat on the head from their betters, while reflecting that they all vote donk 99% of the time, which is what the generations to come will look like – respects to you and your husband, dear Christine.

As to yours truly – not sure good or bad (or even relevant to this discussion) – but growing up in Britain during the 50s and 60s I remember how my parents and grandparents always dressed up, men in suits (with their fedora hats) and women in dresses if we ever went to a restaurant to eat. And my grandmother scolding me on my manners at the table. These days, even in the nicest of restaurants, attire is 100% casual. At times I wish I could go back for even a day. Yet then again, Britain certainly isn’t the Britain that used to be! [end]

In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. ~ Jeremiah 23: 6



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