The Electoral College game is played like this: whoever gets the most votes in each individual state, wins that state. Each state elects a number of people to the electoral college, depending on the population of that state. Who wins the most number of electoral college places overall, becomes the President (provided the college electors follow the rules). So the DemoMarxists and Hillary thought the game was to win a total overall number of voters collectively of all the states. Just how naive can they be? This is like going on to a football field and playing ping pong and being surprised that you don’t win the football game.

The liberal freakout over the election is likely to turn into at least a four-year dirge on Broadway brought to you by the Hamilton bunch excoriating Vice President-elect Mike Pence who was subject to their righteous indignation this past week with him in the audience, no less. Apparently ‘the lights of Broadway’ (thank you BeeGees) is the only safe space for progressive liberalism right now, according to the paranoid rantings of the monoids of the left. Here’s the latest communication from progressive screel, The Nation, with my comments in brackets:


“Dear Friend of The Nation,

“A country in which a presidential candidate with a lead of almost 2 million votes doesn’t become president is not a democracy. It is a scandal. [No, it’s called the Constitution, but thanks for playing. And thanks for being so explicit that you hate the Constitution.]”

“The Electoral College is an antiquated and quite arcane institution responsible for giving us not only the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush, but also now for elevating a bigoted, self-aggrandizing charlatan with no respect for the most fundamental tenets of our Republic to the highest office in the land. [“Bigot” is nowadays a word used by bigots for everyone who disagrees with them. Which unfortunately, includes all the staff at The Nation. Notice how quickly they went from ‘democracy’ to ‘republic’.]” 

“For more than a century and a half, The Nation, with the help of our readers, has led the fight to make our Union more perfect and our democracy more real. In 1877, the year The Nation began fighting against the Electoral College, a committee of 15 federal officials—including five Supreme Court justices—handed the presidency to Rutherford B. Hayes, the Republican candidate, even though his opponent, Samuel Tilden, had won 250,000 more votes in the November 1876 election. Keeping the Electoral College, The Nation warned, would only lead to similar troubles in the future. [Alternative headline: The Nation—serving up servile irrelevance for 150 years and getting mad as hell in the interim! Plus, they went from ‘democracy’, to ‘republic’, to ‘union’ in describing our nation. Have they any clue at all, what we are?]” [end]

Tells you all you need to know about The Nation and its demonic progressive agenda...

Tells you all you need to know about this screel and its demonic progressive agenda in lauding disastrous de Blasio…

The first thing you need to know about the self-revered The Nation (the ‘grandmother’ of progressive political opinion rags, since 1865) and just how far to the progressive left it has been forever in lock-step with, is its constant reference to the Constitutional Republic of the United States as a ‘democracy’, which it very plainly isn’t!

Never mind the solid republican and federalist arguments in favor of the Electoral College, but the fact that it has now, in the space of less than 20 years, spared the nation both Al Gore and Hillary Clinton in the White House is enough to suggest it is divinely inspired. “A New Era for New York City” courtesy of Bill de Blasio to the right simply means Obama/Clinton on steroids. “Start tight’nin’ the screws” as Sinatra might croon.

The progressives have been emboldened since Bush 43 took office. They need to be stuffed back into a place where they are unable to damage the country anymore. The courts are just one step and tough legislation away. Expect these progressive leftists to fight every step of the way, but we independents and conservatives must be relentless in fighting for American principles and deflate the progressivist mindsets; infiltrate the universities and make an imprint on the culture, for culture is upstream from politics. America first and always, with statist globalism going down in flames.

Led by publications the likes of The Nation, fragile snowflakes inhabiting our so-called ‘colleges of further education’ suddenly melt down with periods of ‘grief counselling’, and ‘puppy-dog nurturing’, let alone needing to be let out of classes to go pound the Constitutional Republic of the United States into submission with simple-minded epithets like ‘***** lives matter’ (choose your favorite), and bringing communities to a screeching halt by stringing bodies and rabid home-grown terrorists across 70-MPH freeways. And then complaining about police brutalities.

Just how insane can any one group get? Pucker up, children of The Nation, and become adults…

Notice in that clip that Hillary Clinton is no lover of the Constitution either, as she continually refers to the republic as a ‘democracy.’ “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” (Matt 7:16). How can you place any trust or regard in people who willfully misstate the Constitution and ignore all of its precepts? There has never, ever been any part of our system that permits the National Vote to have any meaning in the election of the President, which is clearly enumerated within the Constitution.

Assume their argument has any validity (which it doesn’t), then how would they propose to make the change? Even Emperor Obama can’t issue a decree making it so. It would require an amendment to the Constitution. Each state, even Rhode Island, has two Senators in the Senate. Let’s see – the small population states outnumber the big pop states, multiply by two, carry the one – and good luck getting that amendment passed. Ain’t gonna happen in our lifetimes. These people are ignorant, perhaps a few willfully so, of this country’s history and WHY the Framers adopted the structure they did.


Remember that Thomas Jefferson observed in 1802 that America would survive nicely, thank you very much, until such time as its citizens lived on top of one another in large cities. Then the people would become as corrupt as the large cities of Europe. As for my favorite quote from this entire piece: “never mind the republican and federalist arguments in favor of the Electoral College, but the fact that it has now, in the space of less than 20 years, spared the nation both Al Gore and now Hillary Clinton in the White House, is enough to suggest it is divinely inspired.”

Seems to me like We The People need to put ‘Civics’ back into our school curricula.


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Soli Deo Gloria!

Soli Deo Gloria!