Islamic Muslim terrorist raid on children’s concert, Manchester, UK, May 2017…

For reason of edification, let me remind you that Islam teaches terrorism to Muslims within the pages of its own book (euphemistically named ‘the holy Qur’an’) by educating them to use jihadi terrorism in hating and killing all infidels; and that would be all of us who don’t subscribe to being Muslim.

Islam’s violent political system and hegemonic legal code (aka ‘shari’ah law’) is based on three pillars as in 1) (ahem) the ‘holy Qur’an’; 2) ‘sira’ (noun; plural siras; a traditional Muslim biography of Muhammad); and 3) ‘hadith’ (noun; a collection of traditions containing sayings of Muhammad that, with accounts of his daily practice, the Sunna, constitute the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Qur’an).

Muhammad was a violent radical Muslim jihadi terrorist who created Islam’s political system, a way of life that totally controls Muslims from birth to death, the overall goal of which is to conquer western civilization through a) mass migration into the west; b) their slave-women giving birth to litters of Muslims; c) killing as many infidels as possible (Jews, Christians, non-believers and rabble-rousers); and d) invading, infiltrating, and taking over all western nations, together with building as many mosques as they can as a show of conquering the infidel.

And make no mistake – the ‘infidel’ is US!

Seventh Century Islam should NEVER be allowed in western civilization, solely due to its dangerous, violent, hedonistic, misogynistic and totalitarian political system, never mind its incipient terrorism.

No one however, in the West (Britain, EU, US, Canada, etc) seems to comprehend that these are not poor victims of Western society, but more likely Trojan Horse hijackers the likes of the 9/11 murderers hidden between the covers of insane homicidal maniacs who are dangerous to anyone and everyone they encounter.

Just how many more need to die before we all wake up and realize what we are dealing with here? – Homicidal maniacs with orders to assassinate or enslave everyone they come in contact with.

Paul Joseph Watson with his latest Islamic Muslim terrorist exposé ….

But, but, but – Wait a cotton-pickin’-minute – Canada has gun control! How on earth could this terrorist possibly have a gun, when there are no guns in Canada? – That’s not possible.

Is it?

Even Jefferson was faced with having to put down Islam – which he duly did in the Barbary Wars…

Then there’s the faux-news outfit of Britain known as the BBC (‘BEEB’ for short) which always somehow goes AWOL whenever anything remotely looking like Islamic Muslim terrorism breaks out … And they’re not alone by the way, as right on schedule, the European mainstream media pulled the Toronto Shooting news story once the name / identity of the terrorist was revealed.

Don’t you wonder why that could be? Let me think about that one for a nano second – Nope.

No follow up, no analysis on the background of the perpetrator or his motivations – so what gives?

Let’s take ‘terrorism story inventory’ here – We have Toronto, the knife/failed bomb attack in Germany, and the acid attack on the 3-year-old baby, all in one week and all purposely covered up by the Deep State Big Fake News conglomerates, and all as a direct result of Islamic Muslim terrorism – nothing else. And it’s not only that, but all recurring events that are being completely normalized by the insanity of liberal progressive leftist lunatic politics. Go figure.

Way back when, a few millennia ago, the Mongols really understood how to handle Muslim Islam and the rag-heads are still giving sermons about it centuries of years later. It would definitely be a good thing for we Westerners to get them to re-acquaint themselves with each other. Call it ‘terrorism a-plenty’.

Don’t you think?


H/T: FrontPageMag

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