Texas record temps/yes there’s a God.. Be strong in the Lord and his power…

I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed. ~ Psalm 34: 4-5


Yours Truly from The Federalist:
DALLAS – On the coldest night in generations, nearly 4.4 million Texans were without electricity. As utility providers and politicians shift blame and argue about energy policy, many families are struggling to find heat, food, and water.

When power outages began on Sunday night, Texans were told to expect “rolling blackouts” of 15 to 45 minutes without electricity. The reality turned out to be much longer stretches, some now going into their third or fourth day without power. Record subzero temperatures across the state have caused water pipes to freeze, bursting and flooding residential and commercial buildings. Dallas reached its lowest recorded temperature in history Tuesday night: negative 2 degrees.

Even with limited water and power, many Texans looked for ways to serve their neighbors and even to entertain their kids, whose in-person schools and virtual learning have been canceled every day this week. [-]


Texas record temps/yes there’s a God … He is Risen. He is risen indeed!

Robert Arvay, in American Thinker:
One equals one (1 = 1) [and] any competent mathematician can tell you that. But, like a lot of things, no one can prove it. (I’ll wait while you try.)

Mathematicians will tell you that it cannot be done. The identity axiom says that any number equals itself, but axioms are inherently beyond proof. Nevertheless, we believe that such axioms are true, for two reasons. First, they are obvious, and second, because if we ignore them, catastrophe results. For example, try balancing your checkbook based on the assumption that numbers do not equal themselves. More dangerously, try calculating your taxes that way.

There is no proof of God – at least, not by the rules of mathematics, nor by the rules of logic. In the realm of science, it has been said that there is no indisputable proof of anything at all; there is only the preponderance of evidence, but never a final proof. [-]


Yours Truly: [+] … In Dallas, another new mom frantically posted on Facebook seeking fleece footie pajamas for her premie twins born on Tuesday. “I never anticipated this level of cold,” Kelsey McCarrol told The Federalist. “We couldn’t stop on the way to the hospital or the day before because stores were closed due to no power Monday.”

Iva Cross, 50, and her daughter Jewel, 28, spent Tuesday night at the Farmers Branch Community Recreation Center, one of the city’s designated “warming centers,” after their apartment complex had been without power since early Monday morning. “Nobody was prepared for this. I’ve lived in Texas my entire life. We have never had this situation in 50 years,” Cross said. Her daughter is autistic and attends a day habilitation center for adults with disabilities, which was also closed by the storm.  [-]


Texas record temps/yes there’s a God … We the People of the United States…

Robert Arvay:
[+] … Therefore,don’t expect any scientific proof of God. We can, however, accept God’s existence as axiomatic. We can take Him as obvious, which some will dispute – but more than that, we can try living as if there were no God. In fact, to a large extent, society has already embarked upon that [very] experiment. Unfolding events will prove or disprove the axiom.

It has been said by Voltaire, no less, that if there were no God, it would be necessary to invent Him. It means to live according to principles of right and wrong. It means to live as if one were accountable for his deeds, and even for his omissions. Accountability implies standards by which one may be judged, and that, of course, implies a judge, one who sets those standards. Living otherwise invites disaster. Our Constitution is secular. It never mentions the Creator. [-]


Yours truly: [+] … Ash Wednesday followed the worst of the storm, forcing churches in Dallas to cancel their Lenten services, including the Catholic diocese. Rev. Allie Shulman, executive pastor at The Grove Church, said she felt it was more important than ever to mark a new season of Lent beginning, so she posted on her neighborhood Facebook group offering to bring ashes to neighbors stuck in their homes.

“This whole year has been a sort of Lent for people. Ever since COVID started, most of us felt like we’ve given up so many things we love,” Shulman told The Federalist. “Time markers have been more important than ever during COVID, and Ash Wednesday is no exception.” [end]


Texas record temps yes there’s a God…

Robert Arvay: [+] … Without God, there is neither right nor wrong, unless one considers one’s personal opinion of those things to be infallible. Absent God, there is neither good nor evil. Without God, there are no inalienable human rights. Without God, there is no empirical reason to regard humans as anything but objects, to be used when needed, discarded when not, and destroyed when they become a liability. Raw nature is the ultimate sociopath.

Our Founders accepted the God axiom, and founded our nation on the basis of its self-evident truths. The nation then stumbled forward, never fully obedient to its founding principles, but however unsteadily, moving in the right direction. We can never prove to the political Left that they are wrong, but as they bring about the ruin of our social order, and replace it with one that recognizes no eternal verities, denies absolute morality, and attacks respect for life, they will prove it for us. Will we survive their proof?  Have faith that we will. [end]

Texas record temps/yes there’s a God!

This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them. ~ Psalm 34: 6-7


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