President catches Melania in stumble…

Welcome to the world that was and ought to be. Back in March of 2018 PDJT and First Lady Melania were walking across the south lawn to Marine One, whirling up in the background. His hand is lightly on her left hip when she stumbles, and instantly his arm pulls her in closely. She smiles and her arm goes around his waist. It was a simple human moment, a man caring for his woman, and she for him.

Small wonder the communists of America hate them so.

All that aside, and prior to it, the world that was became replete with a ‘Dirty Barry’s’ executive order mandating transgender men to terrorize our little girls in women’s restrooms while poking his finger in our collective eye. A very small fraction of less than one percent of the population is truly trans, yet Dirty Barry rubbed our noses in it and we had to take it. That kind of hubris is why Trump won.

So yeah, Democrats generally suck.

Jane Sanders, Melania, and Chasten … erm…. the world…

When pandering Democrat mercenaries masquerading as jurists hide behind their black robes, and wink at deep state saboteurs, actively legislating from the bench, chipping away at the Bill of Rights, and the right to bear arms, and free speech and freedom of religion, it’s all applied to conservatives, and not their fellow anti-constitutionalists.

Hollywood celebrates movie characters who bring down dirty cops as heroes, yet aided by their media accomplices they elevate real life dirty cops who target conservatives and Republicans to the status of heroes. Funny how that works in the world. A new broom sweeps clean and it’s time to clean house at the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc.

True American patriots love the guy. President Trump, that is.

We love freedom, the constitution, a healthy vibrant economy, peace, babies in the womb, marriage between a man and a woman, a Christian culture, low taxes, the right to bear arms and free market capitalism. Gotta love our warrior President. Matter of fact, we love the world as well.

Trump supporters don’t go batshit crazy on college campuses, smashing windows, setting fires, sending death threats, and physically assaulting people because a speaker that doesn’t meet their approval is scheduled to speak somewhere on campus. We’re not listening to them anymore. They’ve nothing to say that they haven’t said 10,000,000,000 billion times already, predictably, boringly, rote by rote, like mechanical footnotes in history.

We’re tired of being offended by them too – I for one, was offended the first time they opened their mouths. Nothing has changed. They’re stuck in a past that has long lost any relevance to the world of today and has become merely the squawking of bored crows.

When president Trump finally leaves office in 2025, the American institutions will be relatively intact. However, if someone like Bernie Sanders or anyone like him who gains that office — and there are blocks of anti-American voters fully capable of illegally putting him there — every historical institution from the churches to education, both Christian and secular, and pretty much everything else will be assaulted by untrammeled state power.

Americans will feel the full rage of every disaffected group on the left and when they’re done, there will be little left upon which to build anything decent. David Limbaugh hit the nail on the head when he said that the Dems hate Trump because he’s stolen all their talking points (economic and anti-war) and left them with nothing but identity politics.

‘Transphobia’ & ‘Homophobia’ – Talk about the world that was and ought to be! I notice the thought police have yet to un-redline transphobia from spell check. It’ll be changed soon enough, I’m sure. The Homo version is now a real word. But still, it’s another facet of the Great Inversion. A phobia is a mental illness, an irrational, or disproportionate fear of something. Notice how those in our midst who find homosexuality, or sex-change creepy or disgusting are defined as mentally ill. They have an irrational fear ~Fear~  like being scared of rattlesnakes, or falling from a great height. Those who take it in the tush, or pretend to be what they can never be are labeled as healthy and normal.

The world that was and ought to be.

The Buttigieg’s swing along …

So now we find out that Steven Spielberg’s adopted daughter Mikaela was sexually abused in her youth. Not surprising if you don’t keep a very close tab on your little ones in such a cesspool as Hollywood. We are now aware that the poor dear is mentally deranged with visions of becoming a pornography star. Surely not of the Spielberg of greatness? Generally kids under 10 years of age need to be within parental eyesight at all times unless they’re at home or with trusted friends. At least it was in my household. Even all boys.

Thank God no one has invented a time machine. Yet.

Because if someone had already invented a time machine, then someone might have stuck me into one and sent me back to my younger self, say at 21 years of age. And following my explanation of who I was to me, I might very well have asked me to tell me about the first fifth of the 21st Century. Explain it in plain language, in other words.

Suffice to say I wouldn’t have any idea of just where to begin. Except perhaps with my old standby of ‘the world that was and ought to be.’


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