Trump is our man. This is our time.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. ~ Hebrews 11: 1-2

To say the lamestream media continues to be devastated by the president’s speech in South Dakota Friday night would be an understatement of huge proportions, and all as it should be; it was that good. Throw in the matter of how the media has been attempting to hide the riots as “peaceful protests,” and one can quickly come to the conclusion of what’s really at stake here.

Perhaps the most powerful speech of his presidency to date, with its “enemy at the gates” call to action, the implication couldn’t be any more clear that POTUS is there to defend America’s legacy and to defeat the totalitarian usurpers and their “alien” (to the USA) ways. To put it mildly, if not bluntly, the media was devastated by this speech, as well they should be; it was that good.

Brilliant also is the move from the speech, to make it a felony to participate in destroying a monument to history anywhere. “My fellow Americans, it is time to speak up loudly and strongly and powerfully and defend the integrity of our country.” Bingo!

Trump is our man. This is our time.

On the related topic, Barry Fells’ America B.C. and other books by authors of the same genre, have detailed strains of strong evidence for pre-Columbian human contact within the Americas. There are Phoenician loan words in languages of the tribal nations of the Southwest interior; the Micmac people in Maine were using a written language when French missionaries arrived in the 1600’s; and in the mid-twentieth century, someone reading those French records from the 1600’s noticed that the language was actually Egyptian pictographs.

The ancients of those days very clearly got around and knew the various areas of planetary hibernation as distinctly as anyone. Frequent contact and transatlantic trade seems to have ended when the Romans stomped all of the other Maritime cultures in the Atlantic littoral zones.

The question then becomes, how did all this malfeasance fix anything that happened over 150 years ago?

There you have the question that should be asked everywhere there is mayhem, but especially of the complicit media. Their twisted answers would be a text book on what is wrong, very wrong, about the media today. The simple answer of course for most rational, thinking Americans is, no it won’t, nor can it, change anything that happened in the past, but the media will always try to make people think otherwise.

However we prefer to look at it, his position alone is a great example of the obvious difference between the demoMarxocrats and he as the President. The Marxists trend towards tearing down and destruction; while the president continues to build. It’s as simple as that.

Trump is our man. This is our time.

As to the immediacy of ‘righting the ship of state’, one only needs to delve into the history of how the greatest country on earth arose; a country based on the ideals that a people can govern themselves, without hereditary overlords; where all citizens are equal under the law; where people can pursue their dreams, and coincidentally invent the modern age: Edison with the phonograph, films, electricity; telephone; airplanes, abundant and cheap energy from oil, an automobile in every driveway; satellites; the internet… the list continues to proliferate within the concomitant energy of society

Yes, we can love and admire the pre-Columbian people, but they were not responsible for that miracle; and given their rate of cultural and technological progress, North America in their hands would have remained an essentially stone-age culture even by 2020. The radicals think that is a good thing, but most free-thinkers don’t.

All of that happened because Western civilization came to North America, flourished, and moved forward with the implementation of the ideas of the Enlightenment.

The President didn’t skip over history. Rather, he reminded us of OUR particular history. You know, the one being wiped out right before our very eyes?

If anyone has an issue with the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, maybe they would settle for St. Brendan and his currach, who may have beaten Columbus here by close to a thousand years.

The point is not “who got here first.”

Trump is our man. This is our time.

Rather, for me, the President meant “the discovery of America” as it pertains to our country’s prolonged Judeo-Christian heritage. It was the latter upon which this country was founded – as the President took care to point out. And it was solely because of the latter that America could become the great nation she is. To remain great, that culture must be preserved.

Last night the President called upon us to speak up and protect it. I’m in.

Trump is our man and this is our time. The ignominious Joe Biden is running for President while his brother had a US Government base contract in Iraq during the Obama-Biden “War Administration” years. Is there no shame?

We win with Trump, or live under an Orwellian 1984 police state with never-ending war wasting national blood and treasure for a demoMarxocrat Party Kleptocracy!

Yours truly isn’t buying it. Especially when it looks to me like there’s room for a fifth patriot on that mountain.

Semper fi!

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. ~ Hebrews 11: 3


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