Virtue signaling Dr. Fauci … beware!

Once again, hard-earned, “tried and true” medical knowledge is too easily replaced, among the panicking, by the untried and false. Soon it is imposed by ignorant politicians. ~ David Warren

The trouble with most people touting ‘science,’ whether it be this graffiti artist, his virtue-signaling rebloggers, or any of the j-school grad talking heads on TV, is that nary a one of them has ever taken an undergraduate level microbiology course, or studied biostatistics, let alone practiced medicine.

Medical science advances incrementally and any seeming breakthrough usually stands on a mountain of discarded evidence, for what is today’s standard of care was once experimental, rejected by the mainstream, or even mocked by what ‘science’ once accepted as ‘trusted.’

Medicine is more art than science, a skill acquired in the close observation of the failures known as experience joined to the practical application of caring and comfort.

Science? Test me. How about Bill Nye, The Science Guy? That fake of fakes!

Virtue signaling in the eyes of the Lord…

When the culture turned to Science to convince us that the planet is on the skids because ‘warming warning’; and right before they closed down the woods because ‘owl sighting’; and round about the time they wanted to tear down those great monuments of human industry, the dams, for ‘God knows why’; millions of us had pretty much had enough of contemporary Science.

Now, we seek models for virus deaths. Good Lord!

Long a student of history, I much prefer the Middle Ages. They make more sense to me, and many of the models from that age work fine for me. Also, the frontier West. That was another good time, and not too strict on Science.

Math? Different. Physics? Also different. But the Scientific community and the eggheads on the inside I have little truck for.

The aforementioned David Warren has a wonderful blog by the name of Essays in Idleness, the title of which is far from the reality of how he could re-phrase it into something like ‘Essays in Truth; Essays in Facts; Essays in Reality’. You get the drift.

His today’s truth serum runs ‘Our current regimen of lies’:

The truth leads to Jesus; verily, it is Jesus, as Western men were among the first to discover. But we have also gratuitously applied this saying to a wide range of things, including many with no obvious religious significance …

That we must love our enemies, including the drooling morons, I accept as Christian Truth. Loving them, I think, involves trying to understand them — an effort for which patience may be required. In an emergency, such as a threat to our freedom, we must confront them, sometimes in a truly decisive, badass way. But this is finally for their own good, too.

I have decided to demote the Red Chinese Batflu, from a pandemic to an epidemic — this in the cause of injecting cool reason into it. All mass media please copy. And should you hesitate, remember that by following my instructions, you are not following Donald Trump’s.

That this Batflu has spread internationally, I have been informed. That it originated in Wuhan, China, and almost certainly by an accident at the Communist Party’s big virology lab in that town, I take for known. That the totalitarian authorities deny this, I accept. For as Bismarck said of other arbitrary statesmen, “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.” [end]

Virtue signaling … every life is precious!

This is all part of the same ‘science’ by the way, that says a pregnant woman isn’t carrying a human baby until it’s born. Some science!

Looks like we’ve come full circle, in that we now have ‘graffiti artists’ out taggin’ walls to remind us to obey the man, and follow the TV party line. How long before the cool kids adopt a slogan like, ‘Do what you’re told, man!’ or ‘Follow your orders, bro!’ Maybe they all took ‘Obey Propaganda’ as serious good advice.

Conform, dammit!

Yep, yours truly trusts science, but folks ordering me to wear or not to wear a mask, to huddle in place, to get thirty eleven vaccinations, to stand still and do nothing until there’s a cure for something, to only buy a car if it has 14 airbags – nope, that ain’t science bro and I see no reason to trust the folks that say it is.

Whatever. Virtue signaling behind facemasks is definitely not for yours truly.

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars. ~ 2 Chronicles 16:9


David Warren, Essays in Idleness: Our current regimen of lies

H/T Gerard Vanderleun and his American Digest


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