A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit. ~ Proverbs 15: 4

Wuhan (WuFlu) is real but its hysteria is nothing more than Russian hoax 4.0.

When the Steele/Russia lies failed they moved to the insufferable Herr Mule witch hunt. When that failed they moved to faux Ukrainian scandal/impeachment. Wuhan WuFlu became like manna from the skies, the purpose of which was to milk it until November or even further until 2024. This madness must stop and stop right now.

One day circa 1952-53 my Mother came to me and said, “Your Sister has Scarlet fever. Stay out of her room. I’ll take care of her and your Father will look after you. Got it?”

Which basically was a tactical addition to her foundational “family obligations to your biology” strategy which included good food, proper rest, fresh air, exercise, and running around the neighborhood with all the other kids having flu, and meningitis, and chicken pox, and measles, mumps, and God only knows what else, so you would get them and then be immune from them for the rest of your life. In winter time, extra vegetables, a bit more sleep, and maybe a vitamin pill would be added to the routine.

Whatever happened to all that? That millions of people seem to have become so stupid and fearful is an astonishment of the ages.

Which is a fortuitous opener to writer Andrea Widburg and her piece ‘Regarding the Wuhan Virus and Being Lied to’, which I’ve shortened to her illustration of five happenstances to the current viral-madness. The full report link of which is provided down below…

Wuhan WuFlu shalt not bear false witness…

…. What’s starting to leak out, though, is that these new data about rising cases and deaths are being slyly manipulated, whether intentionally or accidentally. This is so especially true for data coming from Florida and Texas, two states that seemed to be handling the virus successfully without destroying their economies.

Here are five stories to remind you that you’re being lied to:

1. Matt Margolis ran the numbers and shows pretty conclusively that, contrary to all media reports about how Trump is killing Americans by the tens of thousands, America is actually doing a better job than major European nations and Canada.

[All proving that panic is a very effective method of imposing tyranny on a successfully dumbed down populace.]

2. Texas is in the Democrats’ crosshairs as a state they’ve targeted to flip from red to blue, in part by saying Republican governance has killed Texans. Texas is also the state that just removed 3,484 cases from its running Wuhan virus case count. It turned out that San Antonio had been miscounting and misclassifying tests.

[Democrats promote the lockdown to wreck the economy which was President Trump’s major claim to re-election.]

Wuhan WuFlu shall not bear false witness…

3. Some testing labs in Florida were providing information about only positive Wuhan virus test results, leading to the assumption that between 80–100% of their tests were positive. This of course, led to overstating the infection rate by as much as a factor of ten. In Orlando, for example, an official report showed a facility with a 98% positive rate when the real rate was only 9.4%.

[The idea that COV19 is not part of the coup must be included in the list. If not intentionally started by the left it has surely been appropriated by the left as a tool.]

4. Larry O’Connor reports on the fight his wife’s family in Oklahoma is having with the state over her grandfather’s cause of death. He was in the terminal stages of Alzheimer’s when he was diagnosed with a mild case of the Wuhan virus that quickly passed. Nevertheless, when he died, he was classified as a Wuhan virus death, and the state’s not about to change it.

[If you think the Corona Virus panic in an election year right after three failed coup attempts against Trump is a coincidence, you might be dumb as a rock.]

5. Anecdotally, I’m seeing several people on Facebook say that they made an appointment to get tested, missed the appointment, and nevertheless got a notice that their test was positive. Right now, this observation is hearsay, but it’s intriguing.

[Is someone that forces you to wear a mask and nothing else a sadomaskochist? A very valid point and one that should not automatically be considered a conspiracy theory. Where there is smoke there is probably a fire!]

Wuhan WuFlu shalt not bear false witness…

None of the information I set out above means that the Wuhan virus isn’t something dangerous that we need to take seriously. It just means you’re being lied to, either deliberately in order to advance political goals, or inadvertently, as people make errors and muddle through major decisions.

My personal, non–medically informed belief is that I can protect myself and others by taking Vitamin DMelatonin, and a baby aspirin; sleeping well; and wearing a mask when I feel the situation calls for it, all while keeping my hands super-clean and well away from my face. So far, that regimen, or sheer good luck, is keeping me healthy. [end]

In closing, ‘no masks-Sweden’ and the state of Michigan both have the same population of 10m. Sweden had no lockdown; Michigan had a draconian lockdown. Any guess which one had the more cases?

The dirty little secret is that we all know that this “Pandemic” ends on November 4th whether the “lock down” succeeds and OrangeManBad is frog marched out of DC. Or whether the “lock down” is a failure and OrangeManBad wins.

Even Romney and the Chamber of Commerce won’t allow the U.S. to be “locked down” for 4 more years. How long can Cuomo continue to tell Brooklyn they’re “locked down”? How long can Chicago, Atlanta, Newark, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland or Oakland stay “locked down”? Four more years? Good luck with that…

This saga of outrageous unmitigated political remonstrance will end only the day after the election. And all in the safe hands of God’s legionary warrior Donald John Trump. MAGA! KAG!

A fool despiseth his father’s instruction: but he that regardeth reproof is prudent. ~ Proverbs 15: 5


Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: Regarding the Wuhan Virus and Being Lied to


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